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As long as I can remember I have always loved three things; the sun, skin and making others feel radiant.

In 2015 I got my first spray tanning kit and fell in love, as a esthetician knowing what happens to one's skin laying in the skin all day is not worth having that golden tan. Ever since ordering my kit my glow is around 365 days a year. What many people don't know is that the color can change with you though the changing of the seasons. NEVER be afraid of turning orange, this only happens when someone tries to go darker then they should. 

As far as waxing, the only type I use is a hard wax. This type of wax is better for the skin and the over all feel of the skin. I have been working with hard wax for a little over 4 years and its the best in my opinion. I preform everything from your face to your toes, and all in between. Here at Elegant Tan we offer services to both men and women.


Then there's the facials, or I like to call them beauty naps. Where else can one that off their shoes, lay on a bed with a soft sheet and have someone have them looking and feeling better when they wake up. Skin Scripts is a go too for all my cleansers masks and serums. A good skin care regimen is something everyone should have to make the ageing process enjoyable. 


Hours may change so a appointment is always recommended


Cash is always preferred

Visa, M/C , American Express are welcome with a $20 min

  • Cirepil Wax
  • Skin Script
  • Spray Tan
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Amanda has been waxing my face, underarms, and legs for over an year now and I won't go anywhere else. She does such an awesome job. She makes you feel comfortable and really takes pride in what she does. You will be happy with the results.
Kimberly R.