I have the drive to keep you looking gorgeous and perfecting the relaxed atmosphere you deserve.  With my 8+ years of experience in waxing, skincare, makeup and healthy nails there is no way I will stop caring about bringing your inner beauty out.  I'm excited to further my career and to be apart of your daily fabulous life! 

Here's a few things about me:

- I have an obsession with Eyelash Extensions because who doesn't want perfect long lashes all the time?  Going to work or doing your daily routine without wasting time on mascara or eye makeup sounds just perfect!  Especially if your a wake-up and go kind of person like me!

- Trying New techniques and masques for skincare is always fun!  I can't wait to introduce everyone to Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skincare!

- Makeup: Eyes are very important to me!  They have to pop!

- Browsperations: I'm crazy about getting the right brow shape especially that perfect arch!

- Nail perfectionist: choosing that perfect nail color of course!

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Chinda is an eyebrow master! I have been a client of hers for over 6 years, and would never let anyone else touch my eyebrows. Book that appointment- you won't be disappointed!
Kelly P.
Chinda is the absolute best for eyebrows!!! I wouldn't trust my brows to anyone else!
Kelsi B.
Chinda is not only extremely fun and wonderful to talk to but is very detailed, especially with makeup and nails! She is one I trust to keep my eyebrows full and shapely and takes care with my sensitive skin; highly recommended!
Stephanie J.
I could not have been happier with the makeup and eyelash services that Chinda provided for my wedding day! My bridesmaids and I looked amazing and I credit that to her skills. She is so fun to be around and she does an excellent job of matching the makeup to your skin tone and applying fake eyelashes FLAWLESSLY. I would recommend her to anyone that asks and I would book her again! She is worth EVERY penny and it was nice that she was able to travel to our venue so that we could get ready in one place. If you need any beauty service for anything at all, BOOK CHINDA!
Sara H.
Chinda is the love of my brows life. She has rescued them from resembling a dense Sicilian forest, and helped me regrow the over plucked area between my brows. Hey, unibrowed family members encourage over plucking at a young age. Her talents really lie in enhancing your facial features with a solid brow shape. Her gel manicures are amazing! I am on day 16 and the only thing that has budged are my nails! Not one sign of peeling, flaking, or wear. The regrowth looks pretty awful, but I have NEVER had a gel manicure hold up to my abuse this long. I can't vouch for her enough! I LOVE CHINDA!
Taylor M.
Chinda does an amazing job on my brows! I look forward to seeing her every month. She is fun and relaxed and the appointments are always a lot of fun.
Kate K.
Chinda takes care of me! I got a last minute random gel mani at a place I didn't know. four weeks later my polish still wasn't chipping/lifting. I told Chinda of my whole painful experience of getting them on, and she reassured me. She took way more time removing to protect my nail and make it comfortable. I have terrible arthritis in my hands and was comfortable the whole time. Chinda is very knowledgeable about her talent and craft; she's very safe and clean. A few weeks after this delightful nail experience, she applied demi lash extensions to see it I liked them. While, patience is a virtue, Chinda makes patience more like meditation. Nothing ever hurt, burned, poked, or was anywhere close to awkward. It was relaxing. I loved having my eyes closed and head back... true relaxation!!! Chinda embodies the spa experience no matter what mood you arrive in... just be ready to relax, 'cause it's gonna happen!!!
Emma H.
I have known Chinda for three years now. She does my full leg and full arm as well as face wax. I must say she is simply THE BEST at what she does. She is extremely nice, talented and gentle. I never know how time passes when I am with her. I would highly recommend Chinda.
Selin C.