I have been passionate about massage for a long time now. I decided to go to school for massage to learn all different modalities. I knew that I really wanted to help people who had chronic pain. I worked with a Chiropractor the first few years and enjoyed all that I learned but wanted to change it up and work in a spa atmosphere. While there I enjoyed being a part of helping clients relax in a beautiful setting as well as manipulating muscle tissue to improve mobility in problem areas. There is nothing better than feeling the difference in the body after a massage; keeping up with it on a regular basis provides long-term benefits that are essential. I enjoy seeing a difference in my clients health and knowing that I have been a part of making them better. I also enjoy all my pregnant mommies. I am delighted to be a part of the entire pregnancy process through prenatal massage, some have even come back to me after their babies are born. I have worked with professional athletes & recognize the benefits that sports therapy can bring. Massage is wonderful in so many ways and it is humbling being able to do what I do.

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Jennifer tells me I was her first client and I am sure glad. I can't say enough nice things about her. In addition to her giving the best massages I have ever had, she also has a calm and warm way about her. I am so glad I found her!
Donna M.
I've worked with a number of massage therapists over the years, and Jennifer is the best of the best. Excellent technique, exceptional at understanding what works and what doesn't for her clients. She is clearly head and shoulders above the rest. See her and you won't go anywhere else.
Bob M.
Absolutely loved the message!! Jennifer does a great job!!
Linda S.
Jennifer is awesome!
Grace P.
I love getting my massage from Jennifer. My lower back hasn't been hurting since I go twice a month. I would highly recommend her for massages.
Jennifer G.
Jennifer has a soothing, calming and relaxing loft that is clean and beautifully decorated. She has a great personality and has mastered her craft. I highly recommend her.
Andrea D.
I am so thankful that a friend recommended that I book a trial massage with Jennifer. Being a working mom of three I hardly ever do something just for me but the experience was so wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating that it will definately be a splurge I indulge in as often as possible!
Kris R.
Jennifer is a wonderful massage therapist! She is down to earth and really listens to what's going on!. She has really helped me with working out the kinks in my back! You want be disappointed with her work'n
Carolyn C.
Jennifer has not only great skills, but a warm personality. She cares about her clients. If you just want relaxation, you will get that, but if you also have some problematic areas that hurt, she knows how to help you. Worth every penny. Janet M
Janet M.
Just seeing Jennifer one time helped my chronic tennis elbow for weeks!
Ann S.
Jennifer provides a truly top-notch service. Booking is easy and the experience left me feeling 100% relaxed. The warm table, scents, and deep tissue massage were wonderful and I will be booking another massage with her again in the future.
Karen O.
Jennifer is awesome!
Lisa B.
I can't wait for my massage next Friday! I am looking forward to it so much. Thank you for letting me reschedule it back in November.
Marissa S.