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After 9 years of experience as a Cosmetologist and Esthetician, I've learned creating an exceptional client experience is my passion, and to constantly strive for perfection. 



  • Kevin Murphy
  • American Crew
  • Schwarzkopf Professional
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I've been going to Meghan for several years! She has been great! I feel very confident that she will listen to my requests, and my hair will turn out even better than I expected!! My daughter goes to Meghan also!
Helene M.
I went to Meg for over 10 years and about a year ago moved to California. I can contest she is the best in the business. I miss her every time I have to get my hair done. It has never looked the same. I've even considered flying her to me for my color. She has passion for her industry and is always on the forefront. She loves her clients and creates a relaxing and homelike feel in her space. She is always smiling and will keep you laughing. Meg is extremely humble and would never admit that she's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. She has compassion and is flexible and will do anything she can for her clients. If you are looking for a new relationship for yourself and afraid to make the move I personally guarantee it will be the best decision you ever make. I miss you, girl. I'll be back!
Andrea E.