Hi! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Hair care and hair artistry, as I may call it, has been a passion of mine all my life. As a young girl the ability to do not only my own hair but my dolls, friends, family, and even my horses came very natural to me. I always knew I was going to become a stylist one day and apparently my friends did as well. In high  school I was voted "Best Hair", and when it was time for school dances, I had every one looking their best! I attended cosmetology school in the year 2002 at Ohio State School of Cosmetology. During beauty school I did my first apprenticeship in an Aveda concept salon. I had the best education, leadership, and talented stylist to mold me into the stylist I have become. In the time I have been doing hair I have been so blessed to work on film sets, fashion runway shows, print work, live hair entertainment and more. My work in this industry has taken me to  Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York to perform on stage at the Apollo Theater! I even got a page in the Salon Today magazine and interviewed by Inside Edition T.V. show. This was so exciting and due to the success clips of my work and my performances was shown on the Tyra Banks show. Today I pride myself on being a very diverse hair stylist. I believe that my title is just that, "HAIR"! I may not perfect the best work at certain things, but it is my job to have the knowledge and know how. I work hard at staying on top of my game so I can keep you fresh, modern, and up to date! That being said it is very important to me that my clients not only look their best but have the best. The right product is not the same for every client. I will be sure that you are educated on what I am using on your hair, what cut and shape defines your features. What colors match your skin tones, and most importantly, how you can recreate the look on your own. I am very honest and will help advise you on any new decision you are looking to make with your hair. I look forward to meeting new clients, and making this world more beautiful one person at a time :)

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"sara is awesome!!! excellent personality, she knew exactly what cut style and color would work best for me!!and she was right. i went in there looking like hell not expecting to be too impressed with the results.what a pleasant surprise when i meet sara and she performed her magic on me!!wow! i love my new do and will be back again and again."
-Brigitte L.
"Sara is great and very knowledge about hair, I really enjoy her been in her presence because she is a well-mannered professional interpersonal stylist.Plus, she is a master whenit comes to dyes and cuts. All around stylist.See you soon Sara Quori and thanks for your services"
-Quori B.
"I started going to sara about 5-6yrs ago. My first appointment was actually a consultation to see what i wanted and what she would recommend for me. That i loved because you don not find many stylist that does that. From the moment i sat in her chair i knew i would be a client of her forever. I felt like a had just gotten a new makeover. Sara is very gifted in her profession. she educates you about your hair and her products are organic and feels good to your hair. I believe if you ever sit in her chair you will be glad that you did."
-Karen H.
"Sara, started doing my hair in 2003. Sara is a phenomenal personal and hair "care" professional. Although I went to wearing wigs I still recommend Sara and whenever I receive salon services it is through only one person and that is Ms Debolt. She specialize in all grades of hair type so don't let her picture fool you LOL she is the BOMB! And all my friends and family I refer to her and they all LOVE her. If you were lucky enough to get on Sara's schedule or even meeting with her you will see what I am talking about, moverover you will be please and look no futher. Sincerely, Black/Native Indian client for life; Crystal Ferguson Coleman"
-Crystal C.
"sara is amazing! My entire family has been going to her for a little over 8 years, and she does wonders with hair. She knows what will look good, how to care for your hair properly, and is always a fun time! "
-Nicole M.
"Sara is an outstanding hairstylist! She always listens to me as to my hair needs and is such an inspiration to be around. I highly recommend her. "
-Randall C.
"Sara is by far the most talented hair stylist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She's very diverse and more importantly she can rise to any challenge presented to her. I also love that she uses all natural products. If you're looking for an incredible stylist that will go above and beyond expectations, I would definitley reccomend Sara for the job. :)"
-Amie G.
"Sara is the best hair stylist! hse is amazing and has fingers of magic! she can do anything its ridiculous. she can make the most unattractive person beautiful. I recommed every1 leave their current hair stylist and go to her! shes so nice and accomadating and so friendly! I give her ***** huge stars! she is the best ever! i love her!"
-Lauren D.
"Sara has been my "hair girl" for 6 great years :) I could not imagine allowing anyone else to do my hair. She is fresh, creative, and always sending me out of the salon a happy client! "
-Rachael O.
"sara is so great she cares about hair and knows alot about hair she takes time to teach you how to take care of your hair if you listen your hair will be great love sara so much sylvia "
-Sylvia S.
"Sara is incredible! She was referred to me for a brow wax where she told me she could take good care of my hair as well. I gave her a chance (had been with my previous stylist for 22 years) and was beyond impressed. I love that she is professional, punctinal and very personable to be around. -Kim C."
-Kimberley C.
"I just love this girl! She is the wonder woman for super thick, nappy African American hair! Thank you to my cousin for introducing me to her! "
-Nikki S.
"This is the baddest (meaning good) hair designer I have ever known! I trust her completely with my hair. She is not only concerned with a beautiful hair 'style' but more importantly hair 'health'. What an amazing, talented beautiful young women. I am so glad that I got to sit in your chair 7 years and haven't moved yet-lol Truly, S. Winston"
-Starr W.
"Sara, I miss you and as soon as I move back to the city! I would love for you to be my stylist again, I cannot keep doing my hair myself, hope to see you soon! or just let me know when your in Las Vegas, please....Quori B. (quaron)"
-Quori B.
"Sara, I miss you and as soon as I move back to the city! I would love for you to be my stylist again, I cannot keep doing my hair myself, hope to see you soon! or just let me know when your in Las Vegas, please....Quori B. (quaron)"
-Quori B.
"Sara, I miss you and as soon as I move back to the city! I would love for you to be my stylist again, I cannot keep doing my hair myself, hope to see you soon! or just let me know when your in Las Vegas, please....Quori B. (quaron)"
-Quori B.
"Sara always does whats best for my hair! I never leave the shop dissatisfied. I can always rely on her to give me a new sleek style. I never doubt or question her abilities, I know I'm in GREAT hands !!! -Jackie J"
-Jackie J.
"I've only been to Sara once so far, and she is the best hair stylist I've ever been to, hands down. She makes you feel so at home in her loft, and she knows what she is doing--more so than anyone else I have been to. I walk away loving my cut (which I never used to do), and she really puts extra time and effort into her clients to make sure they are fully satisfied. Thanks Sara! (:"
-Jocelyn R.
"Sara is a young, hip, innovative stylist. She never has a problem coming up with a hot new hair style for me. My hair is the healthiest its ever been thanks to her! -Jackie J"
-Jackie J.
"Sarah is absolutely amazing. she knows exactly whats best for your hair. She is the best stylist I have ever been too. She can do just about anything to anyone's hair. I will never go another stylist again! "
-Porsche W.
"Perfect quote for Sara: Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. ~Author Unknown *-----Sara is one exceptional hair stylist I would recommend to anyone! She goes above and beyond providing excellent service to her clients! She will take the time to make room to fit you in her busy schedule, even for emergency purposes! She is very down to earth and full of energy with new hair ideas every single day! Give her a shot and I know you will be satisfied with the incredible outcome!! She will always make you leaving with a smile:) -Shannon S, Dexter, Lu Ann and Leo"
-Shannon S.
"I have been coming to Sara for about 8 years. I've been bringing my daughters to her too. We love the attention to details Sara gives and she always gets my hair the way I like it."
-Catherine E.
"I've been going to Sara for about 8 years now. I also bring my young daughters to her too. We love the attention to details that Sara gives and she always gets my hair the way I like it."
-Catherine E.
"I am so glad that i tried Sara, i recently received a very unflattering hair cut for my face and hair. Called Sara based on location and her pictures. She fitted me in that day and fixed my hair to a cute style that works with my hair. I will definitely be booking my next haircut with Sara."
-Marilyn T.