Are you looking for an EXPERIENCED HAIR PROFESSIONAL that actually listens to what YOU want or can help you figure that out if you don't really know? A stylist that won't rush thru your service to meet a chain salon quota or get to the next client? How about a nice comfortable PRIVATE one on one loft space where your stylist gives you their undivided attention while you have all your services done? A CUT AND COLOR SPECIALIST that puts your hairs integrity first? Please book a COMPLIMENTARY  CONSULTATION TODAY.  COLOR CORRECTION SPECIALIST.

Originally from southern California and raised in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Stephen is a graduate of the International School of Skin and Nails in Atlanta Georgia as well as a high honors graduate in Cosmetology from Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, North Carolina.  After completion of the esthetics program in Atlanta, Stephen successfully completed an internship at CNN in the hair & makeup department and was offered a position on staff.  Not ready to commit to a fulltime position, in just one part of this incredible industry, Stephen chose to continue to work as a freelance hair & makeup artist for several photographers in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.  This led to being signed with three different talent agencies in the city.  Clients have included Coca Cola, Saks 5th Avenue, Hanes, HBO, Style Network and many others.  Hair and makeup is Stephen's life.  It has been his passion for 36 years.  He listens to his clients and provides his best work and expert advice at all times in hair cutting, hair coloring and makeup services. Stephen is an experienced professional beauty and grooming specialist. He listens to you and helps you find a cut color or style you truly want while always maintaining the integrity of your hair  Welcome to Studio V. 

  • Pulp Riot Hair Color
  • Matrix
  • Thermafuse
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Can't say enough good things about Stephen. I met him by accident as I was walking thru his salon. I immediately had a great repor with him. He has colored and cut my hair. I love and trust him. I recommend him to anyone. I recommended him to my sister who is happy with his service too. Go meet Stephen. Talk with him. He has great suggestions and spends time explaining and studying each clients needs. Love him. Love him. Love him.
June S.
Stephen immediately impressed me; he took time to truly listen and understand what I had in mind, and then explained his recommendations. I was pleased with my hair after he worked his magic. It looks and feels 100% better! The bonus was getting to know and appreciate Stephen personally while in his chair. He is bright and witty....really charming and interesting. It was a fun experience that I look forward to enjoying again. Vickie S
Vickie S.
Stephen is an amazing artist and person! He listen to what you want, if you choose to bring pictures he will look at them and take time to talk with you about what you like about styles, color, etc. He cares that you get exactly what you are looking for. Stephen is so very talented, he has colored, cut and highlighted my hair numerous times and I have loved it every time and receive so many compliments, I recommend him every chance I get. He has such a great personality and he makes the time you are there fun and personable. This isn't just a job for Stephen, this is part of him and he takes pride in all he does. I love going to see Stephen is truly a great experience and I have awesome hair when I leave there! Love this man he's amazing and awesome!
Susan F.
There are not enough words to thank Stephen for cutting my hair for at least the last 7 years. He is patient, listens to what I want and makes suggestions in the most kind manner. I do not ever worry that I will have a "bad haircut." I trust him and his expertise and professionalism. And besides all of that, he is a lot of fun and I greatly enjoy getting to see him. Thank you Stephen!
Laurie D.
Stephen is absolutely wonderful at what he does and as a person overall! I have visited other salons and they have nothing on Stephen. He is extremely caring and considerate of what I want and how we will get there. His experience and knowledge is apparent as soon as he speaks. Stephen has made me absolutely love my hair! He remembered me from my first session and has continued to work for my long term goal with my hair. Stephen does what is best for me, not for his wallet. I love visiting him because not only do I get a new hairstyle, but I have someone to speak with and he is so open and funny.
McKenzie W.
Stephen is AMAZING with all ages, hair types, wants and desires. Our whole family goes to Studio V. In my experience with hairstylist - as you grow with your clients there tends to be a trait that they take on your hair as their own and stop listening to the changes you want and you end up with the same boring thing regardless of what you take in there. Stephen was very quick to recognize that I love change and that each time I set an appointment, prepare to be surprised because I do not stay with a style for any length of time. He really listens to what you are asking for and then is able to relay that message back to you before he starts processing or cutting and that is really reassuring. I went in with a cut that was supposed to look one way and didn't necessarily turn out that way and he asked to see my inspiration. Before proceeding, he simply said if I was ok with it he would like to try and replicate the style I was looking for to begin with! He did a great job and I couldn't be happier that I found someone who is easy to be around, easy to talk to and simply talented.
Courtney L.
Stephen is fantastic! He truly listens to what you want and delivers. He's been incredibly patient over the past few months as we worked toward a beautiful violet color for my hair that wouldn't get me fired. I absolutely love working with him.
Amanda W.