Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Adrienne Carducci and I am the sole owner of Brows by Adrienne E.  I have worked in the beauty industry for almost 10 years, primarily in cosmetics with a more recent transition to permanent makeup. 

In the last decade,  I have lived in some of the best places (New York City, California) with the most beautiful people. I'm now settled here in the great state of Texas where I'm learning to appreciate big trucks and lots of space. H-town hold it down!

I love all of my clients, with their amazing energy and positive vibes.  The MOST rewarding thing about what I do is the look I see on my clients faces after giving them some life-changing eyebrows!

Invest in your brows.  You wear them everyday.  Come check me out and book your service today!


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SHE IS AMAZING!!! loved every single minute. My eyebrows are wonderful I get so many compliments and her personality is just wow 100/10 recommend. Was so scared to do this but she eased me down and did them even more perfect than I could imagine I love it ! What a difference ❤️
Gabriella M.
Adrienne is talented, professional, warm, friendly, and kind. My preferred combination of attributes when I’m choosing who to trust and support for services and where I prefer to spend my money. I’ve had my brows microbladed in the past and after first seeing her work last year, I knew I wanted her to do them. I traveled for my initial appointment as well as my touch up for this reason. During my appointment, she was patient as we discussed my past microblading, went through photos of brows I liked and how I normally applied them with make up, even the minute detail of the color and brand of pencil I used to ensure she was giving me what I wanted. All while also making careful suggestions a long the way and explaining every part of the process so that I was comfortable. This held true even during my touch up appointment, even though she knew I loved my brows, she took the time to explain and show me what she was doing along the way. I totally trust her with my brows but it was also reassuring to know that she wouldn’t take advantage of that and rush through - which is so comforting when you’re getting a tattoo on your face! Her shop is so cute and even the aftercare product and package she sends you home with is next level on attention to detail. The whole process is great and easy!
Tamieka G.
Adrienne gave me the perfect brows! She was patient and answered all of my questions. During the procedure she explained every step and looked at brows I liked and disliked to achieve exactly what I wanted. I couldn't recommend her enough. I traveled from Philadelphia and could not be happier that I did!
Erica L.
I totally recommend her, I love my eyebrows, she’s very professional.
Leticia O.