Hello Beautiful!

  I'm so excited that you're here! I have had the pleasure of servicing clients for the past 15 years as a licensed beauty professional. While of course, I've enjoyed doing so many different services as a stylist. However, my areas of expertise are healthy scalp & hair regiments and revolutionary Smoothing Treatments. 

Smoothing Treatments: There are specifically two different treatments that I offer. The first being STS Smoothing Treatment by Design Essentials. This system is a thermal therapy smoothing system that uses heat activated silk protein and amino acids to temporarily stretch the disulfate bonds inside of the hair shaft. My clients that received the smoothing treatment have noticeably increased smoothness, shine and manageability for up to 3 to 4 months. This treatment gently loosens the natural curl pattern of the hair, making it easier to detangle and style. Instead of spending hours shampooing and styling their hair, my clients have cut their styling time in half. All while maintaining a beautiful head of healthy, growing and damage free hair. The second treatment that I use is Texture Release by Avlon. Both smoothing treatments primarily do the same thing, one just has a different process of application and slightly different ingredients.

How do you know if one of these smoothing treatments are for you ?

Well if you are: 

* Transitioning from relaxed to natural 

* Desire manageability with your natural or transitioning hair

* Want your natural hair to stay straight longer without using ANY chemicals including relaxer

* Desire your natural texture/curls to be more defined when wearing in its natural state

* Want to repair and or prevent damaged hair

* Want decreased styling time 

* Want to achieve optimal health and growth with hair

If you want one or several of these for your hair then the Smoothing Treatment is perfect for you and reaching your healthy hair goals! 


To inquire about services or to book an appointment, please call 314-666-5752

* $20 off first time guests booking either Smoothing Treatment!

* $10 off first time guest booking Silk Press & Trim!

I look forward to servicing you, 







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Alexis is truly the #1 BEST stylist I’ve ever met. I’ve been going to her for 6+ years and her smoothing treatments have really helped me grow and protect my hair! And thanks to these treatments and Alexis’s guidance my edges are back and my hair is healthier than EVER! I don’t make a single decision about my hair without consulting Alexis and I’m grateful for her knowledge of all things hair! The treatments work! Whether you have a sew in or wear your own natural hair, she will keep your hair protected and healthy! Thank you for all that you do to help women feel and look their best!
Brittany C.
Alexis is by far the best hair stylist in the Midwest!! When you add her pleasant demeanor it’s probably more like the world. My hair is the healthiest it’s ever been! I get to play with all different colors and styles without fear of my hair being damaged. I would truly recommend her to anyone who is trying to maintain healthy hair with a busy lifestyle. She’s most definitely the expert you need in your life. I have had sew Ins, color, natural hair, wigs, you name it and have never ever been disappointed. She has a gift of bringing your ideals and hair goals to life! I have been going to Alexis for over 7 years now and I refuse to ever sit in anyone else’s salon chair. She is a phenomenal person far beyond just a stylist! If your looking for an amazing experience and gorgeous hair then it’s a must you sit in her chair!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed!! Tasha W
Tasha W.