I have over 20 years experience in the hair industry and 10 years in wig design. I  love variety and love to execute anything from shaggy textured looks to precision geometric. I am a visual artist,  feel free to bring inspiration  pics! I am an expert in men's cuts and beards too! Feel free to browse my  professional FB page Alice Salazar-wig and hair design!  I love the arts and theater where I do most of my  wig work. Look forward to seeing you!!! 

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Alice did a superb job cutting my hair which had not been cut in a year. I had a "botched" job in June of 2020 and my hair needed the full year to grow out of its poorly cut layers. She took time, shaped it very well and cut to the length I wanted. Alice is a huge thumbs up!!
Andrea W.
Alice has been cutting my for about 20 years. she always makes me look good!
Stoney B.
I’ve was in the hair industry for 10 years until recently. I’ve had my hair cut by masters, platform artists, entry level stylists, and every level in between that. Hands down best cut I’ve ever had was from Alice. She is well educated and knows how to communicate and apply her skills properly. She uses advanced cutting techniques to ensure that you walk out with exactly what you want. I give her 10/10 and highly recommend her!
Ashley T.
Years ago I knew Alice would be the great cutter she is when I saw another woman w a fantastic cut walking down the street. This woman raved about Alice’s talent and expertise and warm and welcoming attitude! VOILA! Made the appointment and not looking back. Became really sold on Alice when she said: You have beautiful hair!!! Have you thought about letting it go grey? The rest is history and our daughters think I’m really cool now. THANK YOU ALICE!
Pat H.