Rejuvenation is key to life. I became a massage therapist because I have always wanted to help others. Experiencing massage has allowed me to take a serious break for myself and relieve tension that I mentally, am holding in my physical self. I aspire to give the same therapeutic relief to every client. 

Through massage training and experience I have developed a stronger sense of healing and well-being over the past 3 years. One of those years I have also developed my skills in the technique of Ashiatsu; applying pressure with my feet. For anyone that has not experienced this modality, let me just say that you are missing out-you deserve some time for yourself!

Whether in search of deep muscle release technique or therapeutic relaxation & rest, the ultimate goal is to bring relief, balance, and rejuvenation to every person that visits Touch Point Therapeutics, LLC.

24 hour cancellation policy enforced for no communication, no shows, at full price per service. 

  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot Packs & Hot Towels
  • CBD Lotion
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Thank you for such a wonderful message experience. You are very skilled at knowing the muscles, tendons and important pressure points. I love your passion for healing: mind, soul and body! I’ll be back for more! Cindy B
Cindy B.
Allison is an intuitive, personable, and most nurturing therapist you can find. I tell her she should be a nurse because her work truly makes a difference in my physical, emotional, and mental rehabilitation. She has a variety of superlative massage hand/foot techniques. My tailored treatments have variety to my specific health and physical issues. Always great to meet a true professional and I highly recommend! - Jon J
Jon J.
Gives great recommendations if you have a specific issue and aren’t sure about a treatment. Very professional and a great conversationalist! Made me laugh and got all my kinks out.
Anita H.