Rejuvenation is key to life. I became a massage therapist because I have always wanted to help others. Experiencing massage has allowed me to take a serious break for myself and relieve tension that I mentally, am holding in my physical self. I aspire to give the same therapeutic relief to every client. 

Through massage training and experience I have developed a stronger sense of healing and well-being over the past 3 years. One of those years I have also developed my skills in the technique of Ashiatsu; applying pressure with my feet. For anyone that has not experienced this modality, let me just say that you are missing out-you deserve some time for yourself!

Whether in search of deep muscle release technique or therapeutic relaxation & rest, the ultimate goal is to bring relief, balance, and rejuvenation to every person that visits Touch Point Therapeutics, LLC.

$10 deposit fee and credit card on file, required, for new clients. This appointment security deposit is Included in full session price. Effective 02/20/20

  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot Packs & Hot Towels
  • CBD Lotion
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Thank you for such a wonderful message experience. You are very skilled at knowing the muscles, tendons and important pressure points. I love your passion for healing: mind, soul and body! I’ll be back for more! Cindy B
Cindy B.
Gives great recommendations if you have a specific issue and aren’t sure about a treatment. Very professional and a great conversationalist! Made me laugh and got all my kinks out.
Anita H.