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Hi there! When I'm not at home hanging out with my dog and caring for my plants, I'm usually doing hair, or watching hair videos on Youtube. I've been in the industry for 7 years, and got my license at a Matrix Color cosmetology school. I will be honest; I haven't always loved hair. In fact, I didn't even like hair when I started cosmetology school. I went to cos. school because I wanted to become a makeup artist. I've been a makeup artist since 2008, and wanted to pursue that route. However, when I started to learn hair, it became a challenge, and I wanted to master this new craft that I had discovered. When I do something, I have to be the best at it. So, I put in my whole heart and soul into my school work; trained at some pretty intense salons (that I now like to call hair boot camp), and here we are! I'm now a hair stylist and entrepreneur; Two things I thought I never I'd never be. It definitely is my calling, and I'm so glad I have found my passion and purpose in life.



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Amber is AMAZING! I can’t say that enough. She literally helped me so much with my hair. It was so sad and dead when I came to her and she takes such good care of me!! She is upfront with pricing and tells you exactly what she is going to do and what it will look like. I ALWAYS love my hair after coming to see her!
Kalyn R.
Amber has done my hair for almost 5 years and I've never been disappointed! She's been with me through every hair phase (as I like to change my look pretty often). She's very professional and always exceeds my expectations! My absolute favorite stylist!
Shae B.