I have learned through my many years as a massage therapist that people often do not allow themselves what they need the most - a moment to relax...personal time to rejuvenate themselves. I facilitate that moment. My specialty is relaxation through foot and leg massage, hand and arm massage and scalp and neck massage. Once I complete a massage, my clients are not rushed to get up and go. Instead, I encourage them to remain in privacy for a moment to rest their eyes and fully experience their moment of retreat. Doing this allows that necessary time of relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation.

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I can not believe what I have been missing! I could not understand why my girlfriend went to see Andrea twice a week...until I went to see her. A total calm came over me as soon as I walked in. I actually fell asleep while she massaged my feet and didn't even know it until I woke up! Her caring and focused attention was so comforting and the fact that she let me rest awhile after the massage was completed was an absolute bonus! I'm hooked!
J T F.
I understand why it's called A moment of Relaxation! I went to see Andrea on my lunch break. I fell asleep almost immediately! It was just so relaxing. All she did was massage my hands for 20 minutes and I was more rested than when I sleep at home!
Arturo M.
Before my massage with Andrea, I was never one to seek out massages. Now my ‘retreat’ time with Andrea is must have in my weekly routine! I had no idea how much tension I had in my neck and shoulders and how it affected my sense of well being. Andrea’s is a masterful masseuse and I leave our sessions renewed and rejuvenated. And her spa environment is soothing and beautiful, so I always look forward to my time there and with her!
Rochelle C.
Andrea thank you for forcing me to set time aside to be pampered by a real relaxation therapist! Your quiet relaxing therapy meant so much to me and the environment was in tune with who you are!
Doris E.
Andrea has been my massage therapist since I started college. I started seeing her when I needed to relax myself from my studies. Having that time with her has made all the difference to me!
Ahshaylah G.
The best massage I have ever had! HANDS DOWN. Andrea is very friendly and wonderful. This is a must, especially because I work on the computer a lot. Don’t hesitate! Come get a massage. You won’t regret it
Aminah C.