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Your personalized appointment begins with a consultation where you'll learn more about the procedure, we'll discuss your specific goals, and you'll receive a quote for your treatment.

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Several years ago, I trained to become a managing cosmetologist so that I could do something I truly enjoyed - helping others gain self-confidence by looking and feeling their best.  Recently, I was licensed in a form of cosmetic tattooing called Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), training with two of the most recognized and highly respected SMP Artists in the industry.  Incorporating what I learned at my formal SMP training with my cosmetology background, my main goal is to ensure that all procedures are done to the highest standard of quality and care for every client while delivering the best possible results and experience.

What is Scale Micropigmentation - SMP (also known as scalp or hair tattoo) is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for both men and women who want to reverse the appearance of thinning hair.  A non-invasive treatment using micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp, it creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help restore the look of fuller hair.  SMP is a very effective solution for hairline recession, pattern baldness, hair transplant scarring, alopecia and correcting bald or thin patches in the beard, and every treatment is tailored specifically to each client's needs.  If you are seeking a permanent solution to hair loss or thinning, SMP may be exactly what you're looking for!

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal - Xtract has completely revolutionized the tattoo removal industry.  This unique tattoo extraction procedure is the safest and most effective system on the market, with the added benefits of producing the lowest scar potential of any other system.  Made up of pure and natural ingredients with the most advanced patented technology, Xtract works holistically with the immune cells to release tattoo ink, toxins, heavy metals, scar tissue and ink allergies safely and effectively through the surface of the skin.  It is even guaranteed safe for tattoo removal around the delicate eye area!  Xtract removes ink faster and safer than laser treatments (3-6 as compared to 15-20 by laser).

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