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 Hey!!! I'm Anita the fun personality behind Zamariya Spa of Africa, a little of my story because we all have one, I was once in the mental health field for 8 years, were I assisted people with getting their lives back to "their normal" and functioning as productive adult in society. I became a therapist after things in the mental health field became over regulated, the care for people fell short and after losing a patient to an opioid overdose for pain. I still wanted to help people that were hurting, whether emotionally and/or physically.  I believe You are unique and have your own unique issues that requires skills and knowledge that’s geared specifically to your needs. I believe that the human body can heal itself when provided with specialized help. 

 I don't consider myself just a "massage therapist"- I my dear, am a Bio-Cycle Social therapist with concentration in BioMechanical engineering.

 After a lower back injury which slowed my active lifestyle and my ability to do what I love, dance. So, don't be surprised if I'm dancing to Bob Marley in a session, nope I don't like spa music. I've traveled to some interesting places in this world, best two were Okinawa Japan and New Orleans better known as"Nawlins." I was selected for Rio Olympics as a volunteer therapist, work many major marathons and large scale events such as Essence Festival. I look forward to traveling more. I believe we all need to see as more of this beauty called Earth before we check out. I'm a country girl at heart, granddaddy taugh me to fish, hunt, change car oil and grow a garden by the age of nine. Any-who, I began living a life in fear of re-injury, becoming emotionally paralyzed to it. Fear, that I would have to live in PAIN forever and never be as active again. That reality propelled me into becoming proactive in seeking out alternative natural ways to help my situation. This personal experience is inspiration and the fuel behind Zamariya.

As your pain therapist, I work to create specific protocols to help you reach your goals. So come hang out with me. Every person deserves to live their best life, PAIN FREE.

I specialize in neck, shoulder and back pain recovery. Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Clinical Neuromuscular, Myo-skeletal alignment, Medi-Cupping, IASTM, MPS Therapy, Reflexology, Prenatal.

Anita Scott LMBTNC #13702

Accept FSA/HSA and CareCredit

Gratuity is included.




  • Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy
  • 100% Organic Hemp, Flax and Cotton Linens
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I pointed and explained where I could feel the knots. Within 20 minutes, I could inhale completely without a twinge or pain, and I felt brand new! This woman has magic hands!
Brandy S.
After I had my tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation, Anita worked with me over a series of 6 weeks doing lymphatic massages. My body despite going through such surgery, Anita helped move everything to where it needed to be! She also has an incredible tool that helps minimize the scar tissue! She is definitely one who knows how to “snatch” someone after surgery while also understanding the medical benefits to taking care of the body!
Michelle D.
I joke with Anita that she is another one of my doctors. In reality though, Anita truly is well versed in the anatomy of the human body and what needs to be done to properly troubleshoot various injuries. Recently, I suffered from a pinched nerve in my neck that also caused pain all the way down my left arm. This lasted for several months. I saw my Chiropractor several times a week, but he could never get a proper adjustment due to how tight all the upper body muscles had become over those months. After seeing Anita for 3 sessions, she was able to open up the muscles to the point where they finally relaxed and my next adjustment had tremendous success in relieving the pinched nerve. I cannot thank Anita enough. Her therapy instructors would be so proud of their student!
Jamie A.
Two words: "Blessed Hands"! Anita has been taking care of me for years. From chronic back and neck pain to most recently, post shoulder surgery "frozen shoulder". Anita did her research and was prepared to tackle my very difficult shoulder. She is constantly learning, growing and providing the best service and therapy ever! If you have specific therapy needs, Anita will tailor your experience to suit your needs. If you want tranquility she will provide, if you want light pressure she will provide, if you want convo she will give it to you! She is great at everything she does. My free nugget of advice - if you ask for deep tissue, get ready! Her hands are Blessed and if you are ready she will take you all the way there!
Trina J.
I am very picky about who I let touch my body!! Anita is very professional, courteous, gentle when she needs to be. She listens to me and she goes above and beyond expectations!! She really knows what she is doing. I would recommend her over and over again. She is Awesome! Her hands are Anointed!!
DeJuan L.