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Arielle is a hair styling super-hero! She saved my hair from oblivion, basically. I've had long hair down to my waist since I was a small girl. Even as an adult, I prefer the long mermaid-esq look because I have curly wavey hair. When I was younger, I use to dye it a ton of different colors. One of the times I attempted to dye it a shade of dark blond back from a golden light blonde, I messed it up severely. I came to her with frazzled, fried, over-worked hair. My ends were destroyed. My hair felt like hay. Arielle was able to fix the color to what I had wanted and bring back some vitality to my sad textured hair. I thought I was going to have to chop of my long locks, but she saved my hair!! This happened a long time ago, but I'll me never forget your great stylist chemistry and talents. Highly recommend!!
Loren F.
I've been going to Arielle for my hair for 5+ years and I will continue!!!! She's always able to do exactly what i'm wanting and I always love it. She's put up with me wanting changes, lots of work from black hair to light brown and even back to black once I decided I like dark on me better. She listens to what you want, and makes sure you're in love with your hair!! _ Sarah Gebhart_
Sarah G.
Arielle has been cutting my hair for about a year now. As a guy, it can be sort of a chore going and getting a hair cut. You don't always know what you want. Arielle has taken any stress out of the situation. She knows exactly what Im looking for even if I don't. She definitely cares about her work and her clients. Not just for the ladies, Arielle is a pro and has my business indefinitely.
Ian D.
Arielle has been doing my hair for almost 2 years now and I have been happy every single time. She is very precise and thorough all while completing my cut, color and style in a reasonable amount of time. I love the attention to my look and the great communication. I will be a client for life!
Morgan B.
Arielle is awesome. Im a simple guy and she cuts my hair however i want that week. Thanks for everything arielle!
Terence M.
I've been going to Arielle for around 5 years now (I'm most of the red hair course done in the pictures) and I refuse to let anyone else touch my hair. I often joke with her that if I ever leave Florida that I will fly her to me just to do my hair, she's that good. Since going to her she's been able to take any idea I have and make it into a great style and she's not afraid to tell me if something won't work. She's put up with me dying my hair a super bright red, back to blonde, and then back to red a few months later and my hair still feels amazing. I will never go to anyone else if I have the choice.
Meagan W.
I have very fine and difficult hair to cut the way I want. I spent many years and multiple bartenders trying to get my hair the way I want and was never truely satisfied with the end result. Arielle began doing my hair 3 years ago and I don't even have to look in the mirror at the end to know its exactly what I want. The absolute best.
Ryan C.
Best cut I've had! I live in NY so can only book with her once a year.....I get so many compliments when she does it!
Barb R.
She nails it every time!
Joshua R.
Arielle is not only a SUPER talented stylist, but she is also a wonderful person inside and out. She is patient, understanding, and attentive. I am probably the worst client you could have. I didn't take care of my hair, I would let my roots grow out, and avoid hair cuts like it was the plague. My most recent trip to see Arielle was the best one yet. My hair had become super brassy and I had a couple inches of roots (yes, that's my awful hair in the picture up there). I have a really sensitive scalp and she wasn't able to lift color the way she would normally because my head wasn't able to handle it. To accommodate me she must have had hundreds of foils in my hair.. no joke, hundreds. She never once complained about the extra work and I now have the most beautiful color and cut. She is amazing and I would recommend seeing her if you want beautiful hair!
Cortney S.
Arielle saved my hair a year ago when I decided to cut it to my shoulders to regain health in my hair again, I have been trying to grow it out yet keep it healthy at the same time, with Arielles gentle touch I have been able to do so, her color techniques, trims and keratin treatments have saved my hair! Always satisfied!
Maria M.
Arielle does an amazing job with my cut and color no matter what crazy idea I throw at her!! She is always very flexible as well and squeezing me in when I forget to make an appointment.
Kim K.
I am a super picky client and I went to Arielle for the first time for highlights and she was amazing! She really listened to what I wanted and was very patient with me! She did an amazing job on the color and I will definitely be returning!! -Gabriella
Gabby B.
This girl really is an artist! She's great at communicating with you to understand what it is that you actually want and then executes it beautifully. I follow her on Instagram, and sometimes she'll tag me in new looks she thinks I'll like. You can tell she really loves what she does. I recommend her to anyone who wants a stylist who is really invested in her clients.
Jessica V.
My hair has laid better than it ever has . ready for another cut
Sharon N.
Arielle has been my hair stylist for over 3 years. Her expertise with innovative color and cutting techniques is at a master level. I look forward to my appointments with her ! Laura S.
Laura S.
Love getting my hair done by Arielle. She's the only one I trust to do my bangs. She really listens to what you want. -Raquel
Raquel G.
Arielle has been doing my hair for years ! I trust her with my hair and she always does a great job , Always exactly what I want ! The best hairstylist I've ever had
Taylor C.
Absolutely love seeing Arielle every 8 weeks for my color. She does great consultations that pin point every aspect of my hair service and always delivers with amazing results. Couldn't be happier!
Jamie T.
I have the best hair stylist....thats what I tell everyone! My daughter and I have had Arielle do our color for over 3 years. Compliments follow us everywhere because of her expertise. She is also a master stylist and cutter....a true artist. I am thrilled to know she is opening her own salon and already have an appointment booked at the Salon Loft.
Tiffany W.
Arielle gave me the best haircut I've ever had! I got so many compliments on it, and sadly I live in NY, so I can only go to her once a year! She under stood what I asked for and didn't get scissor happy like so many stylists do! I highly recommend her!
Barb R.
Arielle is the only person I would ever trust with my hair! She has always done a fabulous job on my hair, from simple cuts to full color! I will never go anywhere else. 100% recommend.
Nicole P.
By far the most professional stylist I have ever dealt with. She really knows what she is doing and loves what she does. I am never unhappy when I leave her chair.
Lisa D.
I have been fortunate enough have Arielle doing my hair since about 2009. She is the only person that I will even let touch my hair.I have never, not once disliked anything she has done to my hair. In fact I moved to Texas about 2 years ago and I still make regular appointments with her for every time I am in the local area. I have watched her grow and become an amazing stylist and an even better colorist since she received her licensing. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment with her, keep her FOREVER!!!
Maddie O.