Iris Garden Is a full service salon that believes in beauty within as well as without. Powered by Master Stylist Ashley Burnette who has over 10 years experience of providing quality hair care that enhances growth of all hair textures. 

At Iris Garden it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends while helping each client to find their own individual style. We offer a vast array of services and pride ourself on being certified in the Brazilian Blowout. At Iris Garden it is vital to educate on hair care and progress for our loyal clients. Iris Garden  proudly uses Design Essentials professional hair care products that allow diversity in hairstyles. Ultimately our goal is to set foundations that focuses on the health and organic growth of your hair.

Iris Garden SalonA place where Beauty grows....


  • Design Essentials
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Milkshake
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Ashley is a master in her craft and passionate about providing a quality customer experience. She is committed to helping others achieve healthy hair goals. Beyond that Ashley helped create a flexible and natural hair style for me while I traveled out of the country. During our consulting sessions - she listened to my needs, provided various options and ultimately gave me a wonderful carefree style. I was able to spend all my time enjoying the beach versus hours on my hair! - ART
Angela T.
My daughter began her journey with Ashley a little over a year ago after needing a change from her braids. Her hair was damaged and Ashley through her great knowledge of proper care with natural ethnic hair brought it back to a strong and healthy state. My daughter and I both are blessed we were introduced to Ashley as she brought life back to my teenager and her hair again.
Kaitlynn W.
I was seeking someone who specializes in health hair care because my hair was damaged from relaxers. I am so thankful I found Ashley. She was very patient during my transition from perm to natural without the big chop (cutting all my hair off). Two years later, I am completely natural with long healthy hair just below my shoulders. After the results Ashley has given my hair, I will NEVER put a relaxer in my hair ever again! Ashley is THE BEST!
Jeryl T.
I am so thankful God allow myself and my natural hair to cross paths with Ashley. She is awesome and takes pride in her God given talent. I wanted to throw in the towel and go back to the perm mainly because natural hair is so much more work than relaxed hair. However, Ashley convinced me otherwise, I’m so thankful she has shown me the many benefits of being natural. What I like is during my appointment she devotes her attention on me and the needs to maintain the healthy wellbeing of my hair, plus Ashley goes extra mile to make sure my hair is well hydrated and doesn’t have that dry brittle look. Also, when I wear a sew in, I never have to worry about my natural hair being damaged due to tight braids or the tightness of the sew in. Healthy hair is Ashley's passion and I will continue to recommend her to family, friends, co-workers or even that individual standing in front/behind me in the checkout line. She just laid my hair out with this sew in plus all over color w/highlights…..it is the bomb.com and I love, love love it!!!!!!!
Marsha P.
My overall experience with Hairstylist,Ashley Burnett has been nothing but Amazing! The moment that I met Ashley she transformed my dull short hair into beautiful long tresses. She keeps my hair healthy and my color looking fresh! Thanks Ashley! Keep up the good work!
Stephanie B.
Ashley is an amazing stylist! I honestly was about to give up on trying to find someone to do my hair since I am new to the area. A coworker reccommended her and that's all she wrote. I have loved the fact that she makes natural hair so versatile. I've had my hair pressed and also put into a protective style and both turned out great and lasted much longer than other stylists I have tried. So thankful I discovered Ashley!!
Dominique H.
Ashley is awesome! My daughter and I have been going to her for 2 years now she started my locs from my natural hair without trimming too much off si i woukd have some length. Shes so amazing with her hands and the styles she has given myself and daughter ( especially for her proms and other important high school events and well everyday hair). She truly has a passion for healthy hair. She uses great products to avoid any stripping or drying or breakage to your hair. Love her and she has a great spirit!!!!
Mz Nu P.