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March 2021: Salon requirements/guidelines remain the same (since reopening in May 2020).



CANCELLATION POLICY: I ask that we see the value of each other’s time. If cancellation/rescheduling is needed by a client, it is requested they do so with a minimum of 24 HOURS NOTICE. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (and/or in the event of a “no-call and no-show”) a cancellation fee  will be added to your next visit. *The cancellation fee is 50% of the service/s total and will be charged at my discretion. I understand a 24-hour-notice may not be possible in the event of illness or emergency.


Thank you for understanding!


***** By coming in for your appointment, you are agreeing to comply with all salon requirements and guidelines.*****




1.) ALL clients are required to take their temperature prior to arriving for their appointment. IF YOU HAVE A FEVER (100.4 or higher) IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU PLEASE CANCEL. This applies if YOU’RE SYMPTOMATIC or have been EXPOSED TO SOMEONE WHO IS SICK (or were sick recently) as well. I will be monitoring my own temperature throughout the day. 


It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY ME if you become symptomatic, are exposed to COVID-19 and/or if you have tested positive for the virus (and have not yet been cleared by healthcare). This is a confidential process that allows me to PROMPTLY take all precautions necessary (ie: close my loft for deep sanitation, seek medical care and contact anyone who may have been exposed). 

*I am required to contact the local health department with suspected cases and/or exposures.*


2.) DO NOT ENTER THE SALON UNTIL I ASK YOU TO. Please notify me when you arrive. Once I am prepared to begin your appointment, I will let you know. That is when you may enter the building.

**All waiting areas are NOT to be used.**


3.) ELASTIC-LOOP FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED: Clients are REQUIRED to provide a mask to wear during their salon visit. Salons have officially been given the order (July 9th) that masks are to remain on during the ENTIRETY of salon services. Those who have a medical condition that prohibits the use of facial coverings and children (in 3rd grade or younger), are exempt. 

*I will be wearing a mask also.*


4.) HANDS MUST BE WASHED WHEN YOU ENTER MY LOFT- I will assist you in doing so & disposable hand-towels will be available.


5.) Food and drinks are discouraged in the salon.


6.) Only bring what you need, to limit surface-contact within the loft and salon. 


7.) NO CONTACT PAYMENTS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED: Zelle or Venmo payments are highly encouraged and preferred to limit exposure. Please avoid using credit cards and/or cash when possible. Venmo/Zelle and cash-payment-discounts will not apply until further notice.

a.) Zelle is available through many online banking apps. My cell phone number can be used for Zelle payments: 513.828.9146.

b.) Venmo is a PayPal inc. service that is used by several well known businesses. It is an easy-to-use and readily available phone application. Venmo payments can be made to my Venmo account: @Ashley-TwillingSL13. *Please have the set-up of your account completed in advance. This will help me tremendously!*


6.) ONLY ONE CUSTOMER IS PERMITTED IN LOFT AT A TIME. This means you cannot bring family/friends/children to your appointment. If you do, we must reschedule your appointment. The only exception: ONE caregiver can be present for a client who needs them (ie: ONE parent can be present during their young child’s appointment).


7.) EYEBROW WAXING ONLY. While we are told to wear masks, I will not be providing additional waxing services.


8.) BLOWDRYING IS DISCOURAGED to limit exposure (and the possibility of spread throughout the salon).


9.) As much as I love to chat with you while I clean up and wait for my next appointment to enter, I must spend that time cleaning my empty loft. I will be disinfecting during scheduled time slots before and after each appointment. I will need to do so immediately following the completion of service/s so my loft is safely prepared for my next appointment.


10.) Social distancing is to be continued at the salon. Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. The only exception is the period of time that I am providing salon services.


*These are a list of requirements and guidelines that were given to salons by CDC and Ohio State Board.*


I know this is a lot of information. Once we get in there, I hope this can all become our salon routine and that it will get easier over time. I am so thankful for your patience and understanding during all of this! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! I’M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK BEHIND MY CHAIR! I’ll SEE YOU SOON!


Note: I am requesting “client logging” information prior to your first appointment back to the salon. It is standard personal information including: name, address (if you do not wish to provide your full address, please provide your zip code) and an emergency contact. This information is confidential and will be used in the event of an emergency.
*Feel free to provide this information via email/text/phone asap so you don’t have to worry about getting it to me later!*



If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you! 

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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Sooooo much better!!! Ashley has been doing my eyebrows and hair color/cuts for years. Recently, I decided to get courageous and have a perm done (somewhere else) after she advised me not to... While I LOVE the curls it gave me, the damage was unreal!! I went to Ashley for my son's hair appointment today (her last appt of the day) and told her how I was feeling and that I was ready to just chop half of my pony tail off! Instead, she sat me down, took so much extra time, and cut my hair to a healthy length. Before going I was afraid to brush my hair because it was so damaged that chunks were falling out. Now, I can't keep my hands out of it!! Whew, AND she saved my curls! I 100% recommend Ashley!
Brittany T.
Ashley has been doing my hair for years and I can't imagine going anywhere else. She is so great at listening and helping me figure out what I want even when I'm not sure myself. I always leave feeling so happy whether it's a full on color or just a trim!
Melissa F.
Ashley has been cutting my hair for over a year & she always does an amazing job! She recently did a partial highlight & it looks wonderful! Couldn't be happier! I highly recommend her to anyone!
Michelle W.
Ashley has been doing my hair for a very long time! Over 7 years! I dont trust anyone else with my hair and I always leave her loft feeling beautiful! I would recommend anyone to her, as she puts 110% into what she does!
Rebecca W.
Ashley has been doing my hair for over 10 years and does a wonderful job! I would highly recommend! Marien B.
Marien B.
I have thin fly away hair and Ashley does wonders with it. I highly recommend her.
Kathy M.
Ashley has done my hair twice and has done an amazing job! The first time was from medium/dark brown to blonde and the second time was blonde balayage. It was everything I hoped for. I highly recommend her for any of your salon needs! - Rachel W.
Rachel W.
This is the second time I've had Ashley cut my hair and the first time I've had her color it and wax my eyebrows. I'm in LOVE with all of it. She was able to take my hair from having tons of red and brown box dye to a soft beautiful brown, carmel, and blonde balayage highlight. I get compliments on it when I'm out and from all of my coworkers. I have been recommending her to everyone I know and will continue to go back to her!
Ellery K.
Ashley has been doing my hair (hi lites, cut, etc) for almost 2 years now. She does a wonderful job every time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know! If you want a new do or just a touch up, go see Ashley at Salon Lofts!!! :)
Luba W.