My Name is Aubrey Pierson III

I am a barber and  I offer a variety of services from precise haircuts, relaxing hot towel & steam shaves, 24K Gold Facials and Men's custom Hair units.

I  offer two different Men's custom hair units. A natural hair unit that is undetectable. I also offer a natural wave hair unit, making you look and feel 17 all over again.

I have been cutting hair for 9 years.

I am a vegan. (almost 3 years)

I love positive energy and helping others.

I enjoy taking my time to make sure my clients not only feel good but have the knowledge to maintain there look in between services.

Book with me and experience a relaxing environment , on time seating and professional service.


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Excellent Service, Very Professional, Super Cool, Precision with the haircuts , somebody i would recommend for anyone looking to get their haircut HE'S THE GOAT! been goin to him for years and he its definitely a essential element to the way i look and my style that i present to the world. he know exactly how i like my haircut and it didn't take long before he knew exactly what he needs to do he adapted to the way i like my haircut.. appreciate you and much success .. its worth your money especially if you tryna look cool and professional and exude an aura of success when you walk in the room...
Walter R.
Every man needs a reliable, skilled, courteous barber who takes pride in their occupation. In reality, I don't view Aubrey as the average barber, he is a talented seasoned; "professional grooming technician" with advanced knowledge and experience to offer a variety of consistent high quality services to his clients. To further impress clients, I appreciate that after my second visit, I didn't have to communicate what he needed to do, he had become familiar with how I like my hair trimmed. I have been a client for 7 years, I always depart the salon satisfied and looking my absolute best. Virgil Terrell Jr.
Virgil T.