My Passion

From the first moment I held clippers in my hand I felt comfortable and sure. For the first time since enrollment I had felt excitment. It was then I knew that after obtaining my Cosmetology license I would be enrolling in Barber school.

Upon graduating with my second license I proudly worked as a Master Barber for The Art of Shaving for 2 years. During my time with them I strenghthened my passion and commitment to learning new skills. 

My Promise

  1. Listen and understand before I act
  2. Except all challenges and overcome them
  3. Provide a clean and safe environment 
  4. Continue to learn and be inspired
  5. Educate (you) and keep it uncomplicated

My Pleasure

Im one of those people who is always elated to come into work and you will always see me smiling. I take delight in all of the services I provide and encourage myself to try new ones.  I hope that you find the experiences that I provide to be as relaxing and enjoyable as I do!


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  • Wella Color
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I have been working with Jax for two years. When I find someone I generally stick with them. She is a full up, legit barber, and while they've recently come into vogue, she's been rocking it for years. She is amazing and I've actually followed her to Salon Lofts from a previous place.
George E.