Bethany began her love for all things hair at the age of 16, when she worked in a salon part time while attending a Cosmetology program in High School. Fast forward 18 years later and she's still just as passionate and eager to learn the latest and greatest. Keeping up with trends and techniques has always been an important part of her career, attending "Masters of Balayage" classes in Fort Lauderdale and "Behind The Chair" hair shows in Miami, New Orleans and San Antonio.

Cutting lobs, styling hair, balayage and highlighting are some of Bethany's favorites but she loves everything in between. Classic or dramatic, she's got your back.

To see more of Bethany's work, follow her on Instagram @bethanysbeautybar1 

  • NEW CLIENTS looking to book a color/highlight/balayage service must first book a complimentary 15 minute consultation. This allows us to discuss timing needed, goals you want to accomplish and budget for the service.
  • If you're a client that books their color, blowout and/or haircut in a frequency of every 2 - 8 weeks, it is now a good idea to book multiple sessions and plan ahead! This ensures that you have the time and date that works best for you for future dates. "Fitting you in" means a rushed session for both you and I so please book accordingly to your needs! Did you know you can book online? Salon Lofts now even has an app! 
  • Did you know that I accept Venmo? I give a 3 % discount on the total service when paying with Venmo or cash!
  • And lastly, I ask that you kindly text me in the event that you find yourself late to your scheduled appointment. After 15 minutes, please understand that we may have to reschedule to be able to achieve the best possible service.
  • Wella Color
  • R+CO
  • Brazilian Bond Builder
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Bethany is just fabulous!
Marge K.
As I was shopping in Tyson’s corner I was behind this girl in the check out line and her hair was stunning! I complimented her and asked who did her hair and she referred me to Bethany. I get very nervous about choosing a hairstylist for many reasons; I have psoriasis and I have a lot of thick Asian/Hispanic hair. Also we’ve all been in a situation where the stylist turns your chair around in the mirror and you want to cry haha Bethany has a one of a kind eye for choosing color and tones that best suit your complexion, even for us olive skinned girls. I’ve been seeing her for over three years now and I finally know the feeling of going to the hair salon and feeling pampered and relaxed. She attends trendy hair events and knows the latest styles. You can truly tell this is her passion!
Erika H.
I've been blessed to go to the best of salons, while living in cosmopolitan areas such as New York, San Francisco, and abroad. If I've had services from the best colorists and hair stylists, then I can say Bethany is the best of the best. Simply put, no one -- and I mean, no one -- can cut, color, or style like Bethany.
Vered S.
Bethany is the ultimate professional. I am beyond picky and churn through colorists like no one's business because "no one can color my hair the way I like it". Not only has Bethany gotten my hair perfect every time I see her, she doesn't make me feel rushed or embarrassed for asking a million questions about my hair. She has restored my faith in colorists and I am so excited to follow her to Tysons!! - Mary Catherine O'Neill
Mary Catherine O.