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I am a master Cosmetologist, hair designer and colorist.  I have been creating behind the salon chair for over thirty years.   I am grateful that many of my clients have been with me for most of those years.  If you are looking for "everyday wear" hair, I am excellent at creating and keeping the look maintained. I am also willing to go on adventures with clients that want to change it up and do something new!  Together we can find the look that feels best to you and shows your true colors. 

I am certified with GK Hair for Global Keratin smoothing system.  I use Eslabondexx Color a rich full color formula that harmoniously combines innovative ingredients and technologies.  It prevents damage to the natural structure of the hair,  protects the scalp, defends against external agents because it is rich in antipollutant substances and gives hair extreme shine, luminosity,  twice as strong. Eslabondexx color stands out for its range of beautiful, bright unique colors,  with faceted reflections, thanks to the combination of three different technologies.  The Eslabondexx protection system contains a mix of amino acids with an an antipollutant and anti-aging effects.



With all of my chemical services I use Eslabondexx, a Nio-technology treatment that protects the hair and prevents damage.  Artistic coloring techniques include balayage, ombre`, color melting, blocking  and foil color placement. I create my designs using shears; razor, clippers and texturizing techniques to create a unique look for each individual. I keep up to date on the latest trends by continuing my education through various industry shows, classes, webinars and seminars.


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Bo has been doing my BFF hair for many many years and she finally had enough of seeing my not so great haircuts and dragged me to Bo. Well, he transformed me! After years of never liking my hair (curly, frizzy) and not taking the time to style it at home, I now love my hair! I now get compliments and just feel so much better about myself when I now look in the mirror. Before I avoided the mirror at all costs! And to top it off his prices are totally reasonable and much less than I used to pay. Thank you Bo for transforming me. Please never retire. Nica
Nica T.
My daughter and I have been going to Bo for all of our hair care needs for at least 16 years and I have told him that he cannot retire until I no longer need hair care! In addition to be extremely talented, he is kind, caring and flexible to his clients needs. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else, and his salon at Salon Lofts is absolutely beautiful!
Kimberly S.
Bo has been taking care of my hair for seven years now and I would never go anywhere else! I originally met Bo at Spa Du Jour & Salon, where I worked as the Front Desk Manager and he was a stylist. He had a devoted clientele and was the hardest working employee at the salon, and it wasn't long before I became one of his biggest fans and a client too. We both moved on to different jobs but I have been his client at least once a month since then. He has seriously transformed my hair - the color, the texture, the condition - all for a major improvement. We discussed my hair and what I wanted and both decided it would be best for me to lighten up, so I went to a golden blonde with highlights. But the best transformation was when Bo told me about Global Keratin. I had been fighting my frizzy unmanageable hair all of my life, so I decided to give Keratin a try almost 5 years ago. It is even better than I hoped for. My hair stays smooth and unfrizzy for months now, and I mainly just have to make sure it's well conditioned and use the correct products for my hair. I HIGHLY recommend Bo. He is a master at what he does, and to top it all off, he is a great guy to talk to and my time in his chair once a month is a pleasure I look forward to! Thank you Bo for keeping me looking fabulous! Love you!
Barbara L.
Bo has been taking care of all my hair needs for 28 years. His color experience has keep me looking younger and my husband always loves it. A few years back I was very ill and he was there and offered to come to hospital to do my hair. Not only is he sensitive to you beauty needs, he is also comfortable to talk to . He is now a grandfather and a good family man. He has become a good friend to me . If you are looking for someone that will take care of your beauty needs and will make you comfortable to be with he is your man.
Marilyn W.
Well Bo has done it again! I took a fall which left me with a scar on the left side of my head,I had never had my hair to that side but Bo was able to style over the scar and it was wonderful. He also used a new product that is used after color . I tried it and the difference was amazing. Hair is styled and colored so well it has just made my day. If you get a chance to try this new product I would recommend it.
Marilyn W.
My Mom and I have been going to Bo since we moved to GA in 1991 and he hasn’t been able to shake us since! We have followed him all over metro Atlanta and there isn’t anyone else we would trust with our hair. I get compliments on my color all the time and I would’t consider going to anyone else. Go see Bo! Melissa Yeager and Cathy Thayer
Melissa Y.
Bo is the BEST! My mom and I have gone to Bo for almost 30 years. He has helped us navigate through all the great hair trends and steer us away from all the bad ones. There were several times we moved out of Atlanta but we always come back to Bo (sometimes even driving up to 3 hours for an appointment). He is a great person and friend.
Elizabeth D.