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A little bit about what I do.

I'm Bobbi Stylez, a master hair designer and independent business owner. I am happy to say that the passion I have for hair is strong. I have never felt so empowered than when I finish a guest and they feel like a million bucks. Correna, my sister, works with me as a Make-Up Artist, she is very talented and also has her Esthetician license. She performs facials, peels, and waxing at Pure Form Beauty in Cottleville. We are the perfect duo for your beauty fix. 

 I love coloring with Coverline & Campagnia Del Colore (both Italian) also Calura Gloss tonal blondes. The colors are reflective and conditioning, and have a huge assortment of shades. Coverline & CDC  are manufactured in Italy which focus on true to tone pigments for vibrancy. The colors allow me to be limitless with my creativity. I use many methods to color and always customize it for your unique design. Flamboyage is an amazing seamless highlight technique with no harsh lines. The retail styling products I’m obsessed with are, Eufora, based in San Diego, a wonderful family company that allows me to finish and maintain healthy hair. Eufora's formulas for their styling aids is concentrated in Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, not water. Davines Natural Tech, also family owned, Italian treatment shampoo & conditioners. Davines uses raw materials with cutting-edge research to provide maximum scientific innovation while enhancing the elements that nature gives us. I am now using Keratherapy keratin smoothing treatment for unruly, frizzy, and curly hair. A very natural approach to more manageable hair, whether it’s straight or curly. Keratherapy is formaldehyde free and leaves no harmful carcinogens in the air while performing this treatment, unlike other keratin treatments.

Thank you for taking the time and interest in my business and into yourself. We strive to maintain superior satisfactory relationships with our guests. 

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