Hi, my name is Tasha.  Over the past 20 years my military experience, experience in taking care of patients and training everyone from physicians to students has taught me something very important.  People’s confidence depends on how comfortable they feel in their bodies.  People would love to change this or add more of that.  However, we all know that’s one thing that could never be controlled no matter how much we diet and exercise…until NOW!  I spent years on yo-yo diets but could never lose weight in the areas that I wanted.  And I would lose weight in the areas that I wanted to keep.  UGH!  It’s frustrating, right? Plus the weight always came back until I discovered body contouring.  It uses low-frequency ultrasound to eliminate fat and sculpt the body.  The best part about it is that I could use it on the areas I was self-conscious about and the weight stayed off!  This motivated me to stay hydrated and eat healthy.  I used the radiofrequency skin tightening procedure to lift and tighten the skin around the areas of my choice.  Not to mention the vacuum therapy procedure that reduced my cellulite and plumped up the areas that I wanted to be bigger.  This inspired me.  It sparked my passion for making men and women feel more comfortable and confident with themselves.  I’m able to use my skill set, knowledge of the body and my degree from the Medical College of Georgia to help a wide variety of clients to enhance their bodies no downtime, needles, scalpels or surgery.  I’m a busy mom with two teenagers and a dog.  I believe in doing things as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible.  And this has helped me tremendously.  So whether your body is your brand or you’re looking to snap-back naturally I can help you achieve your desired look.  I’m excited about helping my clients with their desired results to improve their confidence and their lifestyle.  




Laser Lipo

Mommy Makeover

Skin Tightening

Double Chin Treatment

Crow's Feet Treatment

Butt Lifting alternative to BBL

Butt Enhancement

Cellulite Treatment


Body Sculpting

Body Contouring

Body Enhancement

Vacuum Therapy



  • Young Living
  • Melaleuca - PURE Essential Oils
  • Ultrasound Gel
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I was a bridesmaid who had been struggling to get rid of that little pudge around my midsection. My dress fit but I wanted to "wow" at the ceremony. After trying dieting and exercise for several months, a friend recommended I give Bodiology by T a try. What did I have to lose, right? I reached out to Tasha for more information. She was so friendly and professional. She answered all of my questions and I decided to give it one last try before the big day. I am so glad I did!! Not only did she get rid of that stubborn pudge around my middle but my dress had to be taken in as well. Everyone was blown away and my date could not keep his eyes off of me. This was the best decision I could have made. I definitely recommend Bodiology by T to help with any trouble area you have and I will keep going back. Thanks so much, Tasha!!! Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.
Bodiology By T is AMAZING!!!! Tasha is so professional and knowledgeable about the body. She used her medical degree and understanding of how ultrasound works to give me unbelievable results and explained everything so well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!! The salon is upscale and very relaxing. I'm loving my results.
Mary-Beth G.
The services are amazing. I saw instant results after my first treatment. The office is clean and decorated nicely. I would recommend the lipo cavitation to get rid of of those stubborn areas. Excellent job. 5 star service.
Damiya S.
Tasha you worked your magic!!!!! Your technical skill and professionalism made a forever imprint on me during my session this weekend. My butt reshaping looks amazing and I’m grateful! Thanks for being so down to earth and welcoming!!!!! I’m sharing my experience with friends and looking forward to a long relationship with You. Tammy L.
Tammy L.