I’ve spent 38 years in the beauty industry and 17 years at The Muny and the Fox working Broadway shows.  I specialize in hairloss solutions assisting each client improve their personal image with whatever means are necessary. Hairloss services include Laser Hair Therapy, Hair Matrix solutions, Hair transplantation and hair extensions  

 I enjoy working with ladies hair to the shoulders or longer. Balayage and Foiling are my favorite color techniques. If you’ve ever had your hair cut too short by a stylist, I’m not that guy. I love long hair. 

 I've been working with extensions in Broadway shows since 2002.  Many different applications are available 

Men’s services include Roffler’s razor cutting, short fade crew cuts flat tops and Professional men’s business cuts.  Much of my clientele are businessmen maintaining a short style biweekly. 


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