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Born and raised in San Diego, Brittany moved to Seattle and began her career hairstyling career in 2010. She spent 4 years at one of Seattle’s top salons including a two year, rigorous advanced training program. In 2015, she opened Hive Be Salon with her friend Effie. After 5 years, Brittany decided to relocate and expand her business to Columbus. She now has a studio in Columbus and travels back to Seattle periodically to see clients. Brittany uses the influence of beach culture to create effortless hair that enhances a persons natural beauty. One of her specialties is sunkissed hair: "Coming from the land of the blondes has trained my eye to create and obsess over the perfect color. Whether you want icy platinum, beautiful balayage, or the perfect golden blonde, I'm your girl." She uses her love of fashion as inspiration for her unique esthetic. "No matter what, you will leave my chair not only looking beautiful but feeling beautiful."


  • Olaplex
  • Amika
  • Brazilian Blowout
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I've been coming to Brittany for years now (4, I believe). Before her, I hadn't found anyone that I loved even though I feel like I had tried out every salon in Seattle. After talking to her for just a few minutes, I decided to let her do what she thought was best and I've trusted her to do the same every time since. I got my hair done for my wedding about a month ago and she told me as soon as I sat down in her chair that we were going to switch it up just a bit because what she had been doing wouldn't photograph as well as the new plan she had in mind. Cue her switching up my color formula a bit and my hair looking unreal in my photos. I seriously had friends, family and my photographers comment on how fantastic my color was.
Brittany R.
I cannot make my point simpler. This woman is magic. She gets you, she does sassy sorcery on your tresses. I went in for a cut and color before a job interview and I know Brittany's magic is the reason I got the second interview. She took me from ratty hair down to my lower back to shoulder length classy-sassy-gorgeousness. I am happy to say I have finally found my stylist. Y'all...go friggin' visit Brittany
Brittany R.
Brittany is amazing. I originally came for a cut from a groupon and Brittany totally reinvented my long boring straight hair with a cute layered cut I loved. I've always wanted to go pink and we talked about doing a rose gold type pink on my blonde hair. I couldn't get that idea out of my head and scheduled for a pink color a month later. It's fantastic. So light, subtle, and it's fading beautifully. Other than Brittany's mad skills, go back for the fun conversation and personal atmosphere. The prices are reasonable and Brittany has amazing experience. I will definitely go back!
Brittany R.
Best Service Ever. Brittany: It was not in my original plan to continue coming here after my first time since I live in Carnation. However, Brittany had me hooked after my first appointment! She is professional, the most knowledgeable stylist ever, and a true artist. You can tell she loves what she does and takes pride in her work. Her hair always looks amazing and my hair has never looked better. Not only that, she has a sparkling personality. I enjoy our conversations so much that I am always surprised when the appointment is over!
Brittany R.
This review is a long time coming. Seriously, every morning I wonder how Brittany manages to find a way to cut my thick head of hair in such a way that fixing it is a breeze. Brittany is a magical hair tamer and you are wasting your time and money going just stop already!
Brittany R.
Where do I even begin! I have stuck with the same hairstylist who is a personal friend of mine for the last 4 years and of course I get the "hookup" however our schedules hadn't been syncing and 9 months had past and I got to that stage where you feel like a stay at home cat mom ( no offense ) and my hair looked like a mop on my head! I was apprehensive to try someone new and ofcourse to spend a little bit more money when ive been so used to the "homie hookup". Well let me tell you....IT WAS WORTH IT! My hair could not have turned out more perfect. She literally took what I had imagined in my head and made it a reality. She is so talented and outgoing and a blast to just chat with over a glass of wine! By far the most talented hairstylist Ive had and I will be sticking with her for life! Ive already had several friends ask about my stylist and where I get my hair done at! Her knowledge of hair along with her honesty makes for the perfect outcome. You will leave here feeling like a million bucks!
Brittany R.