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I always dreamed of becoming a hair stylist throughout my high school years. In 2015, I made that dream become a reality. I graduated from Purdue, moved to Nashville, and was working a job that didn’t inspire me. I pulled up my big girl pants and walked into the Aveda Institute Nashville and decided to change my life. 


Throughout school and during my time working in Nashville my passion for hair and beauty grew by the day. I not only loved the challenge of a color transformation, but creating true connections with the women in my chair and getting to see that the result of my work made them feel amazing about themselves.


I’ve never been one to be average or by the book. I’m intrigued by finding the best coloring techniques, formulas, and trends. I spend hours watching and learning from my peers online, as well as soaking up as much education as possible through classes in person. I believe that every client should have the time to express what they want and get their own unique hair plan. No clients request is average, or needs to be. The days of boring cookie cutter hair are gone and I am glad for that. 


After living in three states in the last 10 years, I’ve decided to make my home in Indiana and bring everything I’ve learned with me. The women here are amazing, beautiful, and have a thirst to be on trend just as much as the women in Nashville, Chicago, LA, and New York. Although I may be a loving dog mom and crime drama nerd at home, I always strive to bring a unique perspective into my loft to give you the best hair that fits YOUR lifestyle.  



If you are ready to find a fresh perspective and finally have a plan for your hair, click the link below to book your free consultation. I would love to see you in my chair and hear all about your dreams for your hair! See you at Loft 19!

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