Hi, I'm Bryan! I'm the owner and operator for Lux Lab.

I specialize in hair color, precision haircutting (In both classic, contemporary, and creative cutting), and am actively working to expand my skillset with a huge variety of textures in every arena. I've also recently been certified for non-surgical hair replacement systems as a technician for Hairskeen USA! 

Education is at the forefront of my growth, both personally, and as a professional

About the salon:

Lux Lab is a queer-owned hair salon focused on helping you feel fun, fab, and fashionable. By valuing Education, Integrity, and Embracing individuality from all walks of life, we strive to help you create what feels good for YOU. Tailored to your personal aesthetic, your lifestyle, while still occasionally encouraging you to do something you've yet to do before- regardless of gender identity, race, texture. We just want you to feel like you, whatever that may look like at the time.

We specialize in Color services, precision haircutting, edgy hair cuts, and shifted our focus in education towards working with different textures! 💖 So if you feel inclined to watch our progress, follow our 

We hope to meet you soon!

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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Bryan has taken me through several different hair transformations and never disappoints! I usually give him some creative license to do what he thinks is best with the color because that is his specialty! But he listens to what I want and finds a way to perfectly incorporate it in a fun way. My hair never feels damaged and when my color does fade, it fades super cute so I never have a bad hair day.
Callie W.
I’ve always been nervous about getting my hair done, it’s hard to find a stylist that can capture my vision but Bryan is simply amazing! He saved a bad bleach job and left me with a great style and beautiful color, exactly what I wanted in my head. I can’t say enough good things about how comfortable and professional the salon is either!
Kieran B.
I have been a long time client of Bryan's for almost 10 years or so. It's been so long I can't even remember, that's just how good his service and expertise is. I would highly recommend him for any and all hair related needs. He's so funny, kind, and makes you feel at home with every appointment. He's one of the best ppl I've had the pleasure to meet and talk with.
Ryan D.
Bryan Taborga is an expert with color and cutting hair. His cuts look amazing and grow out beautifully! I've had compliments from random people. He is a master of color, and I mean a master. Not just the bright colors, which Bryan is literally the best of the best, He does things with natural colors that grow out without root lines, his work blends. I highly recommend Bryan and Lux Lab!!!!
Susan N.
BRYAN IS AMAZING! You feel like you are besties with him with after a few mins hanging out in the salon. I put total trust into his hands when getting a haircut or any services.
Diana M.
Bryan is the best at what he does. It's been a joy working with him each time. He is incredibly optimistic. He takes the time to make sure you are completely satisfied. I couldn't recommend anyone better.
Noah D.
Bryan's skill, precision, and creative flair are unmatched. After a haircut by Bryan, I feel my best, and look it too! He knows how to take what I bring as an idea or concept and realize it in an intuitive way. I would recommend Bryan to everyone!
Neal W.
I have been seeing Bryan now for quite some time. There is a reason I keep referring people to him! He not only does a great job, but his level of communication around meeting your needs and making sure you are happy with the services is amazing! I have never sent someone to him that was not happy. Everyone one of them has made Bryan their primary stylist after just one visit.
Gabriel D.
Bryan does exceptional work. He is a stylist with a strong aesthetic who wants every client to look amazing and be happy with his amazing talent! Highly recommend. His wedding looks are amazing - Jane Jones
Jane J.
Bryan is the best! One of the few stylists I’ve been truly comfortable with because he has always done both what I want and what he knows from a professional standpoint is best for my hair. I’m glad I never have to worry about coming home disappointed because I’m always pleasantly surprised by how good my hair can look when done by an expert! Bryan is very skilled and very friendly so it’s always a great experience.
Justine H.
I moved to Northern Virginia earlier this year, and found Bryan after many failed attempts at finding a stylist who could meet my expectations. He is extremely friendly and welcoming and made me feel comfortable in his chair immediately. He has an impeccable creative eye, and the skill to execute his vision flawlessly. His color skills impressed me for someone so young, he definitely didn’t fail to impress. I look forward to continuing to see Bryan and trying new fun things.
Kyle H.
I’ve been going to Bryan since he got his license (maybe even a little before) and his enthusiasm and love for his art have always left me in awe. He has quickly grown into the only person I will trust with my hair and his passion never leaves me dull. He’s so creative and so talented and even with the ever changing fads and styles he never ceases to adapt new techniques and continue to grow. Bryan is amazing and I highly recommend his work.
Ellie C.
Bryan is fantastic! I’ve been going to him since I moved to the area. I’ve got total trust in him with my hair! He does such a fantastic job. I always look forward to my appointments with him!
Anna H.
I have been going to Bryan for a couple of years now and I always leave feeling and looking wonderful! They understand my weird concepts, even if it is make me look like Starry Night. I recommend them to anyone looking for fun colors and an amazing hair cut!
Sallie R.
Bryan is one of very few people I trust with my hair. I never have to worry about the end result or the health of my hair, I know I’ll always get amazing hair when it’s in Bryan’s hands. I lost a lot of hair as a result of COVID and was very self-conscious about it. He has been so encouraging during my hair’s journey back to health and I am forever grateful. I will happily attest I am a LIFETIME client.
Areli R.