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"Im a cute- smilin'
scissor slingin'
bang trimmin'
hairspray- breathin'
NEVER- sittin'
lunch - skippin'
hard- workin' kinda HAIRSTYLIST"

I have been a licensed stylist since 2009. I love every part of my job, and am comfortable and confident with all cuts, colors and styles, but I have a special place in my heart for highlighting, updos, and fun colors :)

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This was my first visit with Candace and she made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked through the door, I liked the fact that she took the time to discuss with me the look I wanted and made sure that I was happy with my hair when I left. I will Definitely be going back! Michaela P.
Michaela P.
I've been getting my hair cut and styled by Candice for several years now. Very skilled, and professional, yet still fun and pleasant. Always does a good job, no attitude if you want to try something new, and/or want something changed at the end. Always look forward to seeing her when I'm in need of a cut, and I always look great afterwards. My girlfriend loves what she does with my hair.
Ryan H.
Candace is absolutely wonderful! She does my hair regularly and did my hair for my wedding as well. She's truly skilled in listening to what you want to have done, and bringing it to life. You'll never leave your appointment wishing your hair looked differently. Oh and you'll have fun while you're there too because her personality is contagious! I'd recommend her to everyone I know, even the really picky people :)
Amanda M.
I had light brown hair and I decided that I wanted to be super blonde. I made the BIGGEST mistake of trying to do that myself. My hair turned a red/orange/peach color and looked terrible! This was done Saturday night and I was so afraid I could not go to anyone on Sunday to fix it. I ended up finding someone, but they could not get that red/orange/peach color gone. Thankfully at my next appointment I ended up getting Candice by luck. She was able to work her magic and get my hair back to a bit more of a natural blonde look. The more I go back to her the better my hair looks. It is hard to find someone that is good at working with blondes, but Candice has been great! She is also great company while spending 2 or more hours at the salon! She is so funny and nice. I highly recommend her.
Olivia S.
I found Candice about a year ago. I was traveling to tampa during the week barrel in traffic everytime for a haircut. I was in despirate need of a cut and decided to walk in and get a cut while I was at the mall. By luck, Candice was free, we talked for a bit, told her what I was looking for and also asked for her to put her own twist. I was impressed and have been going back to her ever since. She is talented, professional, and all around good person. I would even follow her to tampa ,) Lynda
Lynda F.
I've been getting my hair done by Candice for almost a year now! My first time with her was when my hair was jet black and box dyed (sorry Candice haha) and I was THAT girl who wanted to be B-L-O-N-D-E! I wandered around different salons not knowing if anyone would be up for the challenge. Most stylists looked at me like I had six heads and told me "not today." That's until I met this lady! She was SO kind and so honest about the process and was able and willing to give me the hair I wanted! She stayed late that night making sure I was happy with the job she had done. She rocked it to say the least. Now I'm going red (I know, crazy after all that time and effort to be blonde) and she never fails to do a FABULOUS job!! I followed her from her old salon and on her new journey with Salon Lofts because I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!! I know she'll be great with whatever hairstyle, cut, color, or up do comes her way! Not only is she great with hair but her personality and genuine compassion for what she loves makes the whole experience that much better! Book now with Candice! You'll be sorry if you go to anyone else :)!
Megan G.
I was recommended to Candice by not only 1 but 2 coworkers! I knew I wanted to do something different and fun! Candice suggested I do purple streaks in my hair which I would have never had the guts to do previously. However Candice's confidence and awesome personality made me comfortable to try something new! The purple came out amazing and I never received so many compliments on my hair in my life! The cut was also excellent! I now put my full faith in Candice to do whatever she thinks will look good. And I promise to never box dye again hehe. :) I look forward to my upcoming appointment for another kick ass coloring session by Candice!
Kristie G.
I wish I still lived in Florida so that I could get my haircut by Candice. I have never had a greater haircut and, after moving, when I finally got my haircut again (almost a year later because I didn't want to mess with perfection), I was so disappointed. Hopefully, when I'm incredibly rich, I can fly Candice to wherever I am to make house calls as my personal hair stylist.
Arynne L.
Its been about 3 years now that I've been going to Candice! She is amazing at what she does. I always get compliments on my hair cut and color. Candice is truly incredable at what she does! She is passionate and knowledgeable. I have sent several friends and family, both male and female to her. All have been highly satisfied with their experience and now continue to go back time and time again. I will follow Candice wherever she may go.
Marie B.
Book a hair appointment now with Candice! I first went to her after just moving to Florida and having a bad experience at a well known salon. I always had the same stylist back home and when I finally met Candice I felt at home again! She knew exactly what I wanted just by a small explanation and I walked out smiling! Thanks to a great co-worker of mine I made an appointment with Candice and I will not ever go to anyone else again. Not only will she give u the best hair cut or the best color, she will also make u laugh and she is so easy to make conversation with! After just one appointment I felt like I knew Candice for years! So please call her today and support her in her wonderful journey because she deserves it and you will NOT regret it! :) :) -Courtney <3
Courtney J.
Candice has been styling my hair for almost 2 years now, before that I would go a different stylist every time I needed something done, but I'm happily staying put with Candice!! I love that she takes time to understand the look your going for. I can take an idea to her or just let her do her thing and walk out with amazing hair. Candice has colored my hair many times, ranging from light brown to blonde, either way I receive many complements. Candice also does great hair cuts, taking time to figure out what is best for your hair. I would definitely recommend Candice!!
Ashley R.
I've known Candice for well over 2 years now! I live down in Sarasota and have no problem driving the hour up to St. Pete because she is THAT good! She always does a fantastic job restoring my blonde highlights that I absolutely love! I got married a year and a half ago and Candice worked with me for many months before perfecting my wedding updo! I looked stunning and can't thank her enough for being there on my special day! I always look forward to catching up with Candice and she makes my 2 hour sessions fly by! A genuine, down to earth, fun girl that has become a good friend over the years! Girl you rock!!!! :)
Jodi S.
SHE IS THE BEST. SHE DID MY WEDDING. CUTS MY HAIR, MY HUSBANDS, MY COWORKERS AND WHEN IN A HURRY SHE EVEN CUTS MY 3 YEAR OLDS HAIR. I can download a celebrity hair photo and say "do something like this" and WALA! She's a magical hair goddess. She can do any shade of color from light blonde to dark purple with teal and highlights of red. Always happy, always beautiful and an honest stylist!
April M.