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CBD/Hemp is legal in all 50 states!

 The 1st all CBD/Hemp infused treatment spa in GA!! 



My name is Brittany Angelica & I'm a licensed Esthetician that has a love for CBD/Hemp. CBD was brought to my attention 4 years ago while battling anxiety and depression. After trying CBD oil, it has helped tremendously and has made life easier. Not only did I experience a better change in mood but my skin started to clear up. With it flourishing into the beauty industry, I chose to start up this spa to give the experience and education around cannabis with how it can benefit people long term.

Cannabis + Skincare* CBD/Hemp Skincare Treatments Spa

CBD is apart of the cannabis plant but its not the component that gets you high (THC).It's the most beneficial part of the plant that we've known to help with stress, anxiety, etc from the inside but it works wonders on the outside with your biggest organ which is your skin.

CannaBSpa is an CBD/Hemp infused skincare treatment spa that helps skin disorders, hyperpigmentation, skin hydration, mature skin, skin brightening, muscle pain, etc. This specialty spa will offer consultations, skin analysis, facials, back facials, hand-made masks, dermaplaning, special services for men and MORE. The future of skincare is here.

Fall 2020, CannaBSpa will introduce it's own CBD skincare line, CannaBSkin.

*Any drug test taken 5-8 days after your appointment will result in a failed test. While CBD is legal in all states, it will show up on a drug test.

*Pregnant women should not use any CBD treatments.

*Consult with your doctor or dermatologist before scheduling an appointment if you are taking any medical drugs.


  • 100% Organic and Mineral Infused CBD
  • 100% Pure
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Brittany was amazing ! From start to finish ! The atmosphere was very relaxing , rejuvenating , and comfortable. I enjoyed my first experience . I will be back for me !
Gabrielle D.
Relaxing music. I was told everything what was going on. My skin was radiant, afterwards. And, she recommended what types of products I should use. I can't wait until my next facial.
Tommie P.