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 My name is Carla Martin and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2004, I was having some life challenges and I was seeking some form of peace (which seem to be of no avail). I knew others were going through many challenges in life as well and since I couldn't find peace in my life; I began to seek a way to give others peace; so I became a massage therapist. 

  I started my journey at Indiana Business College, where I earned an Associate's Degree in massage therapy. I worked at Center for Inquiry, School #2 for 12 years as a Special Needs Assistant, then a Behavioral Facilitator and later as a Instructional Classroom Assistant for 4 classes. I have since become self employed, providing Massage Therapy Services to several spas, doctors, chiropractors, professional athletes and numerous returning clients.


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I had the most amazing massage with Carla today! She was professional and very kind. It’s hard for me to find someone to apply as much pressure as I need but Carla hit all the right spots with the perfect amount of pressure! I’m never going anywhere else—she got herself a customer for life!
Amy A.