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Hello Everyone! I am Chandi Rae your personal Image Consultant and Certified Life Coach. I have been in the Beauty Industry for over 20 years. My passion and expertise lies in styling, Consulting and advising professionals, from all walks of life to discover their authentic image and signature style from the inside out! Thanks to my parents I was a military brat! Having that experience to connect with people all over the world quickly turned into my passion and makes it easy to connect with my clients.Book a *Clarity Call with me and learn how I can style your image, life, and business from the inside out!  Edge Luxe Salon is located in the Beavercreek area less than 5 minutes away from the Fairfield mall in the plaza next to Hobby Lobby, Auqua Tots, and Aldi. 

"True Confidence comes from within.. It's nonverbal presence speaks louder than words" I am looking forward to servicing you! 



Image Consultant/ Certified Life Coach

 *Photoshoots/Movie-Music video sets/Theatre/Weddings/Travel

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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
My daughter and I were having a hair crisis. A stylist we really liked was leaving and she actually suggested we contact Chandi. She has done wonders with our hair. We both truly love the way our hair looks and the healthy state of our hair. Chandi is fun to be around and we truly enjoy going in for appointments. Ok I look forward to going! She is wonderful. I highly recommend Chandi as a stylist who may also become a true friend. R. Cosby
Reva C.
Ms Chandi is AMAZING! She makes sure that you are 100% comfortable from the time you walk in until the time you walk out! She knows her stuff and takes you through the entire process. Hair is flawless!!! I feel like I've known her for years!
Candice W.
If you're looking for someone to care for your natural hair, look no further; Chandi is an amazing stylist. I've been seeing her for about two years and I don't remember a time when my hair was this moisturized and strong. The best part is, Chandi only cares about the health of her client's hair, she cares for and about the health of the whole woman. She empowers women to SHINE from the inside out. Book an appointment with her today, you'll be glad that you did. ~ Monae D. Heath
Monae H.
Chandi is very professional and truly cares about the health of your hair. Having her as my stylist for the past year and a half has been a wonderful experience. She is the best. Robyn L
Robyn L.
Chandi Rae is a stylist above the rest, always demonstrating professionalism and excellent customer services. She values your time...Making sure that every appointment is scheduled to accommodate the services that are being provided, leaving little to no wait time. Chandi takes the time to listen "to hear" to ensure your needs are being met. She often exceeds your expectations...leaving you nothing short of completely satisfied. She brings out your natural beauty while nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. An appointment with Chandi Rae is not a service...IT'S A TREAT!!! -Tosha J.
Tosha J.
Chadi is an absolutely amazing stylist! Her care for her clients and talent with hair is incredible!
Lauren R.
Chadi is an absolutely amazing stylist! With now going to college in Indiana I was worried I would not find a stylist as good as her but luckily she has offered to come to me and do my hair! Her kindness to her clients and incredible personality radiates every time you are with her! - Lauren R
Lauren R.
Chandi Rae is an amazing stylist. She is patient, calm and professional. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. I am always excited about going to her salon to relax and experience her creativity. Elaine
Elaine H.
We women are very particular with our hair and who we want to take care of it. Chandi is the ONLY one I trust with my hair (relaxed and natural). She takes her time during every session. From cut to color she pays attention to detail and leaves no strand unattended. Because of her dedication to me as my stylist; I will always be dedicated to be her loyal client!!! Thank you Chandiā¤
Chantell J.
I am very grateful to have met Chandi in February 2013 and have been a loyal customer since then! With extremely thick 4C natural hair, Chandi approaches my hair with excitement and a gentle touch. I am appreciative for her genuine concern for me as the customer and her desire for healthy hair.
Toni J.
Chandi has been my one and only hairstylist! Being that I'm a man, I never thought that I would like the idea of being in a salon...that was until Chandi took a chance and made me her first Loc client! I'm a very neat guy so I would frequent the salon and the experience was amazing! Very personal and private, also relaxing, and good vibes! I received so many complement on how nice my hair looked consistently. I would definitely recommend Chandi to any guy that wants to experience a professional and classy salon suite! I've personally seen her hair cutting skills with guys also! Thumbs up!! P.s...the subtle neck massage during the hair wash is extremely relaxing! Fell asleep every time!
Jamel B.
Chandi Rae has been my personal stylist for over 15 years! Even after relocating to Atlanta and Auburn, I still travel to Dayton, OH to receive the ultimate experience that she provides! The excellent customer service, amazing vibrations, and tranquil environment leaves me renewed each and every time!
Brittni A.
Chandi has been my stylist since 2012. I was searching for someone who specialized in the care of natural hair during my transition. Chandi was very knowledgeable and made my transition easier. Her professionalism and customer service are top notch. Lisa J.
Lisa J.
For over 8 years, Chandi has provided THE BEST total hair care for me. When my hair was falling out by the hand fulls, she nurtured my hair back to health. She's provided excellent service, given time, attention and counsel as I transitioned from relaxed to natural. I can rely on her to use the best products for my hair. I look forward to every appointment and have never been disappointed. I trust her completely!
Tonya B.
I recently started going to Chandi and I will never look back! She does a great job of creating a inviting atmosphere. She listens to what you want and only does what's best for your hair. It's only been a few months and I tell my hair is getting healthier! I am always satisfied when I leave her chair. Thank you, Chandi!
Candice A.
Mra Chandi Rae works efficiently and with great care. She gets her clients needs down to a tee! Shes very gently with my hair b/c im so tender headed that i forget shes even there!...* even travel from Indianapolis to see b/c shes gets me right and actually listens to what i want and i cannot find that anywhere!!!!.Mrs Rae is the hair slayer!!! (With dye, hair cutting, styling, extensions, blowouts, any and everything)
Tiffani W.
I have been going to Chandi for a little over a year now and this the best my hair has ever looked and felt. Chandi is a wonderful person and a wonderful stylist. I feel so relaxed when I am in her chair. She always lets me know what she thinks is best for my hair and I appreciate her honesty. You don't always get that kind of honesty in a lot stylist.
Joye P.
Chandi has been my hairstylist for over 20 yrs she is a healthy hair practioner, I love how she takes pride in her craft and continues to educate herself on the newest and healthiest ways to service her clients, I love the one on one experience I get from Chandi and a most intimate environment that comes with all she has to offer she's more than a stylist it's an amazing experience, I always leave satisfied with all my services that I receive from her, I can honestly say I'm proud to be a client I get so many compliments
Pamela F.
I've been going to Chandi Rae for 23 yrs! She's kept my hair healthy and has gotten me to step out of my comfort zone many of times! Very professional and a great friend. Recommend her for any style! -Chaelyn A.
Chaelyn A.
Being styled by Chandi Bozeman is so much than just getting your "hair done", it's an experience!!! Chandi provides the ultimate package of quality hair design, a sophisticated environment, and amazing customer service. It's always a pleasure to come from my appointment feeling like I just hi the reset and refresh button. From short hair to hair that is now flowing and healthy, I would recommend her 100x over. Janine
Janine H.
M W.
Chandi is amazing! Hands down she is one of the best stylists in the area. She is well worth every penny.
Myra B.
Chandi is phenomenal!!! She takes her time to get to know you. She knows, loves & understands styling and image consultanting. Her goal is to make you feel good on the inside and out. She is a wonderful stylist and takes good care to make your hair healthy. You will not be disappointed with Chandi. You will love her creative and her welcoming spirit. Book now and enjoy your time and your new image. Shonte
Shonte G.