Hey Unicorns! I am Chanelle, owner and esthetician at The Unicorn Skin Studio. I've been in skincare for almost 10 years and been working as an esthetician for the last two. Esthetics allows me to merge my passion for making people feel good about themselves with my skin knowledge. Sprinkle in a desire to curate personalized experiences and The Unicorn Skin Studio was born...


Bridging the gap between luxury and community is the priority of The Unicorn Skin Studio. As a non-profit spa, we aim to serve underserved areas with a genuine, educational and restorative experience that emphasizes the importance of proper skin care and pampering daily – not just for special occasions. Our desire is to cultivate magic and tranquility for the skin and soul while providing an honest and informative analysis of each client’s skin to design a personal skin care routine they will love and be proud of. 


The Unicorn Skin Studio looks to step out of the box that luxury spa experiences are put into and centers our experience around what puts the client at ease as we work our magic. Offering facials, chemical peels, threading, waxing and microdermabrasion from head to toe – and the magical places in between, The Unicorn Skin Studio wants you to take joy in the skin you are in.

  • Skin Script RX
  • Lira Clinical
  • GlyMed Plus
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As a teenager, I never had an issue with acne. But after 3 kids and metamorphosis into “full grown woman” my skin decided that it to, needed a change and began to give me problems that I was not equipped to handle. I tried several different techniques, over the counter products, proactive, you name it, I tried it. Nothing worked. As time went on, I grew more and more insecure about my skin. I hated wearing makeup because I stared to look like a crunch bar. You know when you can see the stuff underneath the chocolate? It wasn’t appealing. My once super clear skin had become hyper pigmented and spotty. And then I met Chanelle. Within 2-3 months I started to recognize myself again. What once was daily breakouts became a daily glow and pimples became a thing of the past. I am now enjoying my skin, makeup free if I choose but super smooth if apply. You will not regret entrusting your skin health to The Unicorn Studio. It was by far THE BEST decisions I made in my self-care. Let Chanelle treat you and be rejuvenated and refreshed.
Breana D.
Chanelle gives a certain level of care that is unmatched! She talks you through the process each time and makes sure you are as comfortable as possible through each step. It’s kinda like how cheatin on your barber is an AHT AHT! Chanelle has taken the time to learn my skin and cheatin’ with another aesthetician.. nah we’re not doing that. Book your appointment ASAP. You won’t regret it!
Demetri D.