This is the home of Chris's Body Modz.

I have been a professional body piercer for 16 years, wasapprenticed in Canada and has worked extensively throughout USA and Canada.  Has been blood borne pathogen certified and loves modifying the skin.  

I pierce pretty much everything, from lobes to nipples and everything in between.  I really enjoy doing microdermals and surfaces, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy doing simple things like, noses and navels as well.  I am very honest with my clients and will tell if you shouldn't put a piercing somewhere, like too low in the cleavage, or if your veins in your tongue make that impossible.  Mouth webs, and lips are things that I also enjoy piercing, but to be honest it really is a labor of love.  Basic jewelry is used for the first 2 weeks, for everything, including rooks, daiths, conchs, and industrials.  I look forward to being the one that makes your next helix piercing look good.  Come see me.

Jewellery changes and stretching are also currently offered.

Instagram- @piercingsbychris31

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