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Christina Perez is the owner and operator of Dream Body Sculpting. With 10 years experience and the strongest non invasive Acoustic Lipo/Radio Frequency (RF) device on the market combined with Christina's protocol known as "The Perez Protocol", Christina Perez is able to give any patient fast and permanent results! 

Our bodies are born with a certain amount of fat cells (we can not create new fat cells) which are the size of a grape, filled with a liquid substance known as fatty triglycerides. With the use of advanced Ultrasonic Cavitation (USC), the fat cells are disrupted and will physically burst from the Ultrasonic waves/vibrations and heat. Once the fatty triglycerides are released your body will then metabolize it, using it as energy. Your body will then dispose of the triglycerides naturally, safely and effectively without causing any damage to the tissue or surrounding organs. 

These treatments also include skin tightening with the use of tripolor Radio Frequency (RF). The RF produces natural collagen production that our skin has lost over the years from pregnancy and the aging process. The RF treatment will leave your skin tighter with a more toned and smoother appearance. 

People need anywhere from 2-3 (rare cases 4) treatments. Treatments are done 1 week apart. Results can be seen after the very 1st treatment and will increase after each session. Results are fast and permanent. 

Book here for your FREE consultation or you may call/text 754-245-6689 and speak with Christina Perez directly. 

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