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I have been in the organic beauty distributing business for more than 10 years and truly believe you can potentially avoid or at least reduce many common skin problems naturally. As a Master Cosmetologist since 2001, I have studied diverse types of skin care throughout the hair and beauty industry.

Hair and Skincare hits deeply in my household. Being a mother of two and a wife whom constantly battled with allergies, eczema, and psoriasis she was determined to resolve her family's skin challenges the natural way. My desire in caring for others and in the beauty industry are like family.

Please don’t be hesitant by the brand name “Queen”, as this name was adopted since I was in high school, simply meaning that these are my organic soaps and handmade natural body products that are approved by “me”, essentially. I sell bath and beauty products certified by the USDA's National Organic Program, which means exceeding the minimum of 80% organic content without counting water or salt. Some manufacturers may cheat a bit to reach organic content levels. Rest assured that I do not.

My business, A Queen's Essentials, maintains a minimum organic content level of 80% in all of our soaps and body care items. Thank you so much in advance for continuing to support our products in enhancing your natural beauty and staying healthy!






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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Conswella is amazing! She is very knowledge about natural hair care. She thoroughly explains the hair care process to enhance your understanding. She is also very patient and kind. Her natural skin care products are also amazing! I really enjoyed my experience!
Shaketa W.
" Me and my Wife both have used Conswella`s all natural products, and they are amazing. I have to admit being a man I was a little skeptical because I have sensitive skin, and I don`t like to smell fruity, but she assured me that her product would not harm my skin. I am happy to say that she was absolutely right. She recommended the African Black Tea Tree Soap, so I tried it and now it`s my favorite. Also its not fruity. Men trust me it`s on point".
Dennis W.
I was very pleased with the care and styling of my hair. Conswella is amazing! Not only does she do great hair but she is very sweet and has positive energy. While she’s working on your hair, she informs you on everything from the condition of your scalp, your moisture levels and what you can do at home to improve the quality of your hair. You also have opportunity to browse and purchase her hand-made natural products for hair & body.
Althea C.
Before A Queen's Essentials Salon I bought Conswella's all natural body bars as a gift for my Mom. My Mother loved them! When you want a quality affordable skincare product call Conswella.
David G.
I am very pleased with the care and service received from Conswella. I love the fact that she uses natural products and I’m looking forward to the transformation that’s going to take place with my hair!
Atonya R.