Hello beautiful!  My name is Crystal and I have been a hairstylist for 7 years.  I love what I do and I enjoy each and every client that sits in my chair!  Hair has always been a passion for me and get ready for some exciting new services in the future!  Your vision plus my vision together will definitely make a masterpiece! Hope to see you soon! 




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Where can I begin to write about how much of a hair-guru/super-heroine Crystal is?? Well, it all started a couple years ago on a whim. I was at my wit's end with my hair after a stylist friend of mine had just RUINED it: Fried it/abused it with chemicals/ applied relaxer without basing my scalp once. To be fair, my stylist friend didn't mean to render my hair useless, just must be lack of experience with my hair texture. Anyway, I was ready to just shave it all off. - So, I come sit at Crystal's chair, almost in tears and ready to just let my hair go. Crystal saw the wreckage that was my brittle, lifeless hair, and said, "I think we can salvage this, if we work together!" I was SHOCKED. I was THRILLED. I knew I had a long journey of hair restoration to go. She did have to cut it pretty low in order for it to begin to grow in a healthy way, but OMG the STYLE she gave me brought tears to my eyes! The best part to me was that I didn't even give her any specific prompts or styles for my hair. - Throughout our experience, Crystal has been professional, intuitive, creative, warm, and open to change. Crystal has helped my hair grow back nice and thick like I knew it to be, and ALL of her styles are to die for. - I trusted her to do hair for important events like Graduate School Commencement and my Elopement and I am SO happy I did, because she just knows my hair and my style so well! I mean, each time I received countless compliments. She really helped build my self-confidence over the years by giving me my HAIR back!!! - I have stayed with Crystal even though I live over an hour and a half away, and will HAPPILY continue to! Not only is she my #1 hair guru/super-heroine, she has also became a great friend! Not only is Crystal very skilled in growing healthy hair, she is into working WITH you, so that you know how to take care of your hair when you can't make it to the salon! She is also BRILLIANT at edgy styles and color, and will patiently explain everything she is doing and using on your hair to achieve the intended look! That's amazing. - Hey, if you made it this far, then there is NO other choice. Why haven't you made your appointment with Crystal yet?! You kiiiiinda have a bit of an understanding of what you'd be missing by now. Give her a chance, you won't be disappointed.
Desi S.