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Hello Beautiful,

Thank you for taking the time to view my page.  I'm very excited YOU are here! So a little about me.  My life has been on a fast track in the last couple years.  I recently bought my first home and then nine months later I gave birth to my handsome new baby boy.  Now I have decided to mix my love of the arts and my medical background into the artistry of MICROBLADING! This has now become my passion and I am excited to work with you and make your brows my masterpiece:)

I was first introduced to the idea of microblading by my sister who like me lived through the years of obsessing over thin brows. Pluck, pluck, pluck, fast forward years later to having thin to no eyebrows at all! After drawing our brows on daily and wondering if there was something else out there that didn't give the appearance of a block drawn on our forehead we discovered can I say AMAZING!!! So we decided to go for it and it was the best experience EVER! It was exactly what we were looking for. So much so I decided to change my career path and give all those BEAUTIFUL faces out there the same experience we had, HAIR STROKES!!!

I had one on one training and hold a microblading certification from Contour Aesthetics Clinic.  I am a Licensed Tattoo Artist in the State of Florida.  Fully Insured. Florida Department of Health Approved (DOH).  Certified in Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention through DOH, OHSA and Certified in Disease Prevention and Control. Barbicide Certified.  I also carry a Hazardous Waste Permit for proper disposal of ALL soiled materials used during the procedure.  Because of my background in health care field and the importance of your Health and Safety you are my number one priority.  I am currently on all Tdap, and Hepatitis A/B vaccinations as suggested by the DOH and CDC for all tattoo artists.

Keep reading below to view the procedure pricing and Q&A and I hope your visit today has been informative, enjoyable and mesmerizing. Now it's your turn, can't wait to meet you and I look forward to working with you soon.  Dawn




Microblading offers a beautiful natural looking brow.  It is a perfect option for anyone who wants a brow to how they imagine (fuller, higher arch, longer brow, filled in due to over tweezing, patchy, too light, wants a bolder appearance etc.). After the first procedure you will have a darker/larger appearance.  Your brows will lighten and shrink and they will take on a more natural look.  Oily skinned clients tend to fade faster and if you have extremely oily skin it can cause the ink to migrate and blur quite a bit. The end result will be more of a Powder Soft looking brow, meaning the color will be very light and the definition of strokes may be completely absent.  If you have had previous eyebrow tattoo work you’ll need to get any new work approved first.  (Please text photos to 727-331-1323).  Cover-ups / corrections are an additional fee of $100.00.  


This service is for existing clients only.  Up to 4-8 weeks from INITIAL microblading service only. If you miss this time frame you'll fall into the 2-10 month touch-up service.  


This service is for existing clients only.  This touch-up is for clients who feel they need a refresher before their annual re-touch. This service is also for clients who missed their initial touch-up session. You must have at least 50% or more ink or you will need to schedule under the annual re-touch.  


This service is for existing clients only.  This service must be within 13 months after initial touch-up has been fulfilled. Sorry, No exceptions.  Also if you have less than 50% less ink in your brows you’ll need to schedule a new full service appt.   

______________POLICY APPLIES TO ALL SERVICES______________

Your Balance is due if any the day of service and prior to procedure. 

 Deposits and payments for any service listed are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you schedule and arrive to your appt. without prior approval your appt. will be cancelled and deposit FORFEITED.

If you cancel, no show or your 15 minutes late for your appointment your deposit/fee will be FORFEITED. You'll have to rebook and pay an additional deposit.      

$100.00 deposit due for all services at time of booking including initial touch-up fee.

A 7% sales tax and 3% transaction fee will be applied to all services rendered if paying with a credit or debit card. 



·     How does Microblading work?  This procedure consists of implanting very thin “hair like” strokes into the epidermis layer of the skin with a tool that consists of tiny microscopic blades.  This technique is used to give you the appearance of hair strokes that in turn redefine, reshape, fill in and beautify your brows.  


·     How long does it last? This is a semi permanent tattoo. The results could last anywhere from 12 months to 3 years. This really depends on your skin type, healing process and your skin exposure to sun and products.  Using facial creams with skin lightening or fading effects (2% hydroquinone, Azelaic acid, Glycolic acid, Kojic acid, Retinoid (retinol, tretinoin, adapalene gel, or tazarotene) Vitamin C will decrease your results.  


·     How long does it take?This depends on your existing brow.  Full fill in vs. establishing a brow varies. I set aside 2 1/2 to 3 hours for full procedure start to finish including paperwork.   Your initial appointment will take the longest.  First we begin with paperwork and Intent forms, as we discuss your shape, size, and desired look I apply a numbing agent because I want my clients to be as comfortable as possible and last we begin your amazing experience to your new brows. W


·     What is the healing process? Day 1 they look great.  Day 2 to 4 the color can appear darker. Day 5 to 7 your brows may be flaking and falling off.  Day 8 to 10 your eyebrows appear to be gone. Day 14 to 28 they start looking patchy and uneven and the color starts coming back.  Then you have your initial touch up between 6-8 weeks to fill in any pigment that didn’t stay and they look beautiful again just as you imagined. I can tell you every ones skin and healing time is different. Your days with these stages maybe a few days off give or take or you may skip stages all together.  This is perfectly normal. You will be given these stages on your take home care instructions.


·      I take medications and/ or have a medical condition(s), am I a good candidate?You will need to be open and honest about your medications and conditions and I will be happy to work though those questions with you. If I am unsure I will direct you to your medical provider and depending on your medications and conditions I may require a note form your physician making both parties aware, comfortable and protected before proceeding.  


·     What types of blades are used?     I use BRAND NEW, 100% DISPOSABLE, PHIBROW MICROBLADING BLADES FOR EVERY CLIENT. The packages are opened only in your presence and thrown away in a Sharps Hazardous Waste Container, strictly enforced and Approved by the Department of Health. 


·     Regarding Appointments and Payments:  For your first appointment mandatory photos are required.  Please text or email them to my contact information listed above. A deposit of $100.00 is required for all appointments and/or fees, and is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. ALL PAID BOOKING FEES AND DEPOSITS will be applied to the FULL balance, which is DUE THE DAY OF AND BEFORE THE PROCEDURE BEGINS, (if not paid in full beforehand). However, If you cancel your appointment, OR if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, OR you miss your appointment,  THE DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED, and an additional deposit will be required for a new booking. No Exceptions.  It is extremely important to choose your appt carefully depending on traffic, school zones and unforeseen accidents and events so again please plan ahead.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have before we make your brows beautiful again!

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