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I'm Keisha Brown, but to my clients I'm "Nurse Keisha." I'm a ER Nurse that has decided to help keep people out of the hospital. In the midst of a national pandemic and serving on the front lines, D.O.P.E. Healing was born. In 2020, we decided to opened our doors to the community. A place to provide peace of mind, protection and providing you a body capable of reaching its Peak Performance. Our mission has been to affect a life, impact the community, and one day heal the world.

From IV hydrations, Vitamin Injections and Co-VID testing, we provide a service that helps to protect against those things that mean to harm our bodies and deter our minds. In all that we do, we want to inspire you live a healthier life, physically but most importanly mentally. Mental health matters. Where the Mind goes the Body follows.




  • IV Vitamin Hydration
  • Vitamin Shots
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