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My name is Dr. Francis Bey, D.P.C. I am a Doctor of Professional Cosmetology, which means throughout my journey of over 20 years I have met all the qualifications and acquired certifications in advanced skill sets in the hair field. As a Hairstylist and Educator for Cosmetology, I've had the pleasure of being trained by some of the most experienced stylists in the hair business. My years of platforming for companies plus being contracted to a celebrity has molded me to be a rare and accomplished beautician. The skillset I previously mentioned has allowed me to specialize in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, Hair Fusion, and many areas of hair weaving that are unique to the hair world. My haircutting skills are detailed and advanced from what I've been told by clients and observers. The color technique I have learned is done with precision. Hairstyles will have you surging and feeling explosive. I am not boasting, I am just being appreciative of this talent that has been bestowed upon me. I love my career choice and I am proud to be a Doctor of Professional Cosmetology. I would love to show the devotion of the 5c's to you. 

  • Malibu C
  • TIGI Color
  • Nairobi
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