Markeita Banya with a passion for people and a commitment to community, Markeita Banya has served her fellow neighbors for two decades.

Markeita Banya’s heart for women has been here life journey as a clinician. Her artistic craft in non surgical cosmetics began with mimicking her childhood TV surgeon, Trapper John M.D., with her Baby Alive doll at the age of six. Today, she pens each face with its personal age appropriate signature of vitality and beauty. Her passion for OB/GYN birth through her own personal challenges opens the door for women and men of all ages to share their health concerns. Her patients coin the exam room, a Sanctuary.

Markeita Banya trained as a master level physician assistant at the University of Nebraska and received her Doctorate in Divinity from American Institute of Holistic Theology. She has sat under the leadership of many modern day thought leaders in non surgical cosmetics and hormone replacement therapy.But, in 2004 her biggest fear turned reality authored her courage to live and love. Markeita Banya has taken a handful of personal life stories from her four marriages, a dash of spiritual revelation and a pinch of scientific principles to create works in print and on the international stage. Her naked truth playbook is a real-life recipe for a woman experiencing love and life.

Over the years Markeita Banya has mentored 1000+s in the classroom, community and fellow clinicians as a guest lecturer and preceptor, community advocate, and clinical mentor.

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