Makeup by Dy’Var LASHES is here to help the community by providing services that will enable you to achieve the confidence of being your best self! We are an All Inclusive Eyelash Extension Spa Loft. We also provide life changing Eyebrow and Skincare services. For your special moments and occasions; we are forever Thankful to provide you and your guest with a luxurious Makeup Experience. 



About Dy’Var:

The year is 2021. Here I stand before you to tell my “Hope in a Jar” Story. My journey as an Esthetician started when I was 12 years of age.  My mother Enrolled me into ABC and John Robert Powers Modeling Agency. Not because she thought I was the most beautiful girl in the entire world but Simply because she wished that I had the confidence of the most beautiful girl in the entire world! During this time, I was introduced  to: How to over come my fears and to be brave in front of an audience. I would say the most courageous way to be your most Bold / Confident Self is through “Image.” A well polished, clean image. “Yeup!” That Simple! I have dedicated my entire adult life to sharing my gift of giving “Self Confidence.” From competitions, to various fashion industry jobs, working in a salon, to being a counter girl... Until now... My journey has led me into essentially becoming my own Boss (humbling).


I have been blessed tremendously to service my community as a Makeup Artist for many years. I am so Thankful for this opportunity to continue to share in the comfort of having a Creative Space to continue to dedicate to an Industry that I simply could not live without. 


Being a Department Store Counter Lady during COVID-19 has been extremely challenging to say the least! Many of us have lost  employment and for the rest of us applying skincare or makeup is no longer a thing! Definitely, something to panic about! Who would have thought that skincare / makeup was not considered to be essential? 


Moving into Salon Lofts for me is - creating a safe and healthy platform. A place where I can continue to service my clients. A private loft to help address skin care and makeup concerns. During the Portfolio section of my website. 

You will find images that reflect my journey from Artistry to Essentials to Here. Lashing, perfecting Brows and Skin. As my life matures the same is for my image and career.


Now that I am a mother of 2 the need for self care and identifying self worth has become more essential than ever before. 


My routine currently consist of well groomed brows, Lashes, and a very strict skincare regime that I am absolutely in love with! As for hair, I enjoy the nourishing home treatments. Hair Styling - I leave for the Experts! 


Thank you for reading this post! I am so excited to see you for your next Lash, Brow, Makeup, Skin Appointment!





Makeup by Dy’Var LASHES

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