Welcome to PIN UPS SALON at Salon Lofts!  I'm Elise Gardner, and I'm a Master Hair Stylist and I absolutely LOVE what I do!  I wouldn't want to be doing anything else as a career.  I love being creative and making people look great.   I excell in creating beatiful colors unique to each individual.  I will do exactly what you ask or I can take the reigns and do something new and different to your look if that is what you would like.  I'm not scared of a challenge!  I can create beautiful highlights in any hair.  I love cutting and I stay up on the latest trends.  I will not take off too much if you are a long hair gal, but I can create that cute shorter cut too if that's what you desire!  I absolutely cherish the relationships I have built over the years with my wonderful clients and would love to have you in my chair too!  So to potential new clients there's no worries if you come see me, only great hair to be had!

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I had blah hair before. After giving in and trusting Elise to do her magic, I have a wonderful style and gorgeous color! I was definitely my worst enemy! My hair is so manageable, it requires very little work, and looks beautiful. I'm so thankful she is there to take care of me.
Liv D.
Elise is a wonderful stylist and a great person! I just got my hair colored & highlighted and it looks amazing! My hair is going to look awesome for my daughter's wedding!! Love Elise & her new shop!
Brenda D.
I had my hair done a couple of weeks ago and have gotten compliments ever since. My blonde highlights are the best I have ever had . And I have had many stylists over the years . I won't go to anyone else now and she is so sweet and personable as well. Chatted the whole time and it was great . Highly recommend her .
Jennifer C.
Elise is an extremely talented stylist. I have been a client for over a year and have been very happy with every visit.
Jenny H.
Love, love, love Miss Elise! I have so much faith in her skills/ability/vision that I sit in her chair and say, "do whatever you want"! She always makes my hair look great! Have been going to her for years....refuse to go anywhere else, even though I moved an hour away! My visits to her are always full of conversation and laughter with the result of me loving what she's done with my hair!! Love this lady!
Jenni G.
I love when Elise does my hair! She is an awesome stylist and knows just how to tame my wild curly mane! I have not went to anyone else in 3 years! Ladies or gentleman, if you are looking for your one and only stylist....Elise is your girl!
Stacy B.
I have gone through many stylists in the 20+ years I've been coloring my hair & thankfully the search for the perfect stylist is over! Elise is the best! Whether I want to go blonde, brunette or ombre, Elise perfects every look! And I love that she gets my personality & knows that I like to change my look a lot & she always has the best advice as to how to go about it! I've recently started bringing our boys there, ages 8 and 5. I used to take them to children's places for haircuts, but they would all cut their hair super short & the same style, but they have totally different hair types. Elise gives them the perfect stylish cut that suites their hair type! Their hair has never looked better! I highly recommend Elise!
Heather B.
Elise has been cutting and styling my hair for several years. She does a wonderful job with my curly hair, is very personable and my highlights always look fantastic! -Lisa M.
Lisa M.
I am afraid to admit that my hair used to "get around." My hair would go to one salon after another and another. She never found that one stylist to be monogamous with. There were a few that came close but again she was not satisfied and sadly had to keep looking. On day she decided to go get her hair done and walked in and there she was, the one stylist that changed her hair forever . My hair has found that stylist she could be monogamous with and 4 years later they are still going strong. But seriously, Elise is a fantastic stylist and will not steer you wrong. I have been a red head, brunette and platinum blond and never had hair remorse. Elise also has a fantastic personality and always makes me laugh. I think I would visit every week if I could afford just to stop by. - Kelly D.
Kelly D.
Elise is by far the best stylist in town! Trust me, I far and wide when I moved here from AZ 2 years ago. She offers the "complete package" and ensures complete customer satisfaction. You'll LOVE your cuts, color and highlights. She is a pro! Search no more for your perfect stylist.
Jen B.
I've been going to Elise for several years and look forward to my visits each time! Not only do I know I'll get excellent service and a lovely new look by a stylist with such expertise, but I also will be greeted warmly and enjoy friendly and fun conversation while my hair is being transformed. Long ago I tried other stylists, but none of them ever gave me quite what I envisioned or asked for. But with Elise, she listens to what you want, gives great suggestions on different hairstyle ideas, and ultimately gives you something you will love! I cannot recommend her enough.
Nicole N.
I have been going to Elise for many years now. She's a fantastic stylist, and the only person I will trust with my hair. I'm super picky, and Elise gets it perfectly every time. If you have blonde hair, you need Elise in your life! I can't speak highly enough of Elise. Beth W.
Beth W.
Not only have I found a beyond amazing stylist but I have found a wonderful friend as well. I have been going to Elise for 6 years now and she is the only person I trust with my hair. I can always count on her to bring to life my vision for what I want to do to my hair. I have gone from bright blonde to brunette and then back to blonde and Elise did an amazing job with the color transitions. She is constantly staying up to date with new and innovative hair technology and products, the newest one being Olaplex which is a bond repair system that transformed my hair and made it silky soft. All in all Elise is fabulous! - Miranda S.
Miranda S.
As most of us are, I am very particular about my hair & had visited numerous salons in an attempt to find a hairstylist I could use long-term. Since my 1st visit to Elise Gardner a few years ago, I have been one of Elise's clients and have referred several others to her as well. Elise is creative and artistic & always knows exactly what I would like. When asked, she will make recommendations about what she believes is best for my hair type & overall good appearance. And, as an added bonus, she truly cares for each & every one of her clients and gives them whatever time is needed to ensure they are happy. My search for the best hairstylist ended after my very 1st hair appointment with Elise. She has since entirely changed the way I wear my hair and autographed her work it with her own personal touch. My hair looks better than ever and others ask me who my hairstylist is and I refer them to her. They are thrilled because their experience is the same as my story that I have just shared here. If you are tired of trying to find a hairstylist and want the BEST ONE EVER, you need to call and make an appointment with Elise. Once you meet her, your experience will be the same and you will always want to go back!
Gloria P.
I started seeing Elise a couple of years ago and absolutely love what she does to my hair. I have always had top notch service and my hair always looks great. I get more compliments on my hair from complete strangers since I started seeing Elise than I ever have in my life. She does a wonderful job with not just cuts but with color too. If you are looking for quality your search is over. Elise is awesome at what she does and I highly recommend her. E. McCann
Elesa M.
I love how Elise is transforming my frizzy, over colored treated hair into a sophisticated color and style. She has a great eye for color. I highly recommend Elise Gardner. She is a true professional.
Vicki K.
Elise has been a great stylist for my curly hair. She knows what she is doing and will give recommendations as to what she thinks would be the best hair cut for me. She has cut my hair twice so far and both times I have received several compliments on my hair cut. I wasn't able to get in with Elise one time and had to go to another stylist who gave me a terrible hair cut. Elise fixed it and made it look so much better and it also helped it grow back out.
Holly L.