Hi, I'm Emily!

I've always been passionate about skincare, beauty and wellness. After years in corporate America, I decided to make my dream a reality. I decided to devote my life to helping you feel better in your skin. I believe that your skin is your best investment - it's your one true protection against this world and it can make or break how you feel about yourself. This is why I'm here to partner with you - to walk with you on your skincare and beauty journey to ensure you feel incredible in your skin! Now and in the future.

Skincare is incredibly personal, and you need to trust whomever you are partnering with to see results. I take this trust very seriously. This is why I have sought out a European-based, CIDESCO-accredited education - which is the highest form of credibility in the United States today for esthetics. I also take my continuing education as seriously. I regularly attend conferences, workshops and specialty courses to make sure you are receiving the most relevant information and care available. This goes for the services I offer and the products I use. I only use clinically-proven products with good track-records in ingredient sourcing, manufacturing practices, and quality. I have experience working on many skin types - from sensitive to acne, and believe that every treatment should be personalized.

I can't wait to work with you!

xoxo Emily

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Be prepared to start the best skin care journey of your life! Emily is pure genius! I have received over 50 facials all over the world and especially in NYC where I reside. Her attention to detail is like nothing I have seen and most importantly, the results are fantastic. Emily’s approach is very centered in science and true understanding of skin health, lifestyle and your personalized skin type. She spends a significant amount of time trying to understand your exact skin type, which is why the treatments are so effective. Additionally, with the foundation of her services, the products she recommends really do compliment the treatment. Her knowledge of holistic skincare another level. I highlight recommend for skin maintenance, prep for a big event, or just wanting to look younger/better/great.
Leslie M.
Emily is amazing. During a transition off medications, life changes, and a big move, my skin went crazy. I developed so much acne, that it wasn’t a question of *if* I had a zit, but rather how many I had. I felt so deflated and embarrassed bc I never dealt with acne before and I didn’t know how to get rid of it! Emily was SO patient and knowledgeable in teaching me about how our skin changes based on hormones, weather, stress, etc. She helped me find new products to work through my acne and give my skin what it needed at that time. I’ll never forget one day before a veteran’s ball, I texted her frantic about my worsening acne and how I felt so “ugly” and embarrassed to go to the event the next day. She gave me a skin treatment that was so much more than that—she was an amazing listener and had such a calming presence. In addition to knowing *so* much about skin and beauty, she really cares about her clients!! She is the best!!!
Nicole K.
Emily is amazing! I have struggled with acne for now 7 years into my twenties and it’s been a frustrating battle. Emily really took the time to help me understand my skin’s needs and created a skincare regimen that has worked wonders. I am so grateful for Skin Property and would highly recommend everyone check it out!!
Kali C.
Emily has helped me so much! She met me where I was at, without confidence in my skin and without a skin care routine. She started by providing me education and slowly added products into my daily/weekly routine so that I was never overwhelmed and always understood. Now, I cherish my morning and nightly skin care routine and I’m more in touch with my skin. By bringing awareness to my skin, I’m more aware of my diet and sleep and stress. I’m kinder to myself, giving myself what I need, whether it’s a facial or a nap or water. And, now I celebrate how far I’ve come in my routine and confidence and it all shows up in my complexion. I am forever thankful for the boost in my complexion, confidence and self-awareness from Emily!
Morgan W.