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Invest in your hair- you wear it every day. 

My goal with every person that sits in my chair is to make them feel their absolute best. I strive to give each person the dream look they desire. 

 Upon graduating from Kaye's Beauty college, I wanted to further my education. I apprenticed under the owner of a salon, and was able to learn the tricks of the trade. During my time being an assistant, I learned in depth consultations, and top of the line color education, as well as cutting techniques. 

  After my time assisting, I went on to be behind the chair, where I felt confident and ready to give the world my knowledge, and expertise. I love to educate every person I can on at home beauty regimen, and how to recreate your style outside of the salon. I constantly take classes to keep myself updated on the newest trends, so I can keep my clients up to date as well. 

 My goal is to make sure you walk out of Loft 16 feeling your absolute best. I am 100% committed to giving you the look that can make your dream a reality. I look forward to seeing you in my chair, and welcome to Loft 16!




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I've been going to Erica since 2015, and she really knows what she is doing. She really cares for her clients, and helps them out to make sure they get what they really want. She also gives great advice concerning on which products are good, and bad. She has a bubbly personality, and a great conversationalist! Can't wait for my next appointment with Erica!
Katelynn D.
Erica is a Goddess! She always has such beautiful suggestions if you need advice/guidance on something you're thinking of doing, she's always honest and will never recommend something just for the money! I've sent my mom and sister to her as well as her doing my own hair! Soon as she learns how to barber, she'll have a client in my husband too! You will love what she can do to your hair and you'll feel transformed when she's finished! Seriously, I'll nevertheless anyone else touch my hair! <3
Brooke J.
B3 saved my hair! Seriously, this stuff is a miracle product. I put my hair through a bleaching disaster, and now I'm back to my brown healthy locks with ZERO split ends (for the first time in years). Love this product and my stylist :)
Meredith B.
One word...AMAZING! This is the best my blonde has ever looked! So impressed with Erica.
Jill O.
Erica is the best stylist I've ever had! Her in depth knowledge of color, and styling is next to none. She's personable, and professional. I leave everytime knowing my hair is healthier, and better than when I came in. 10/10
Matthew L.
I have went from one stylist to another, trying to find one that I really loved. Well, I finally found her! She does an amazing job! I get what I want and she has great suggestions if you want to do something new! Not only is she great at what she does, she's awesome to talk to too! <3
Jessica R.
I love Erica so much! Her color work is amazing and she makes sure you leave happy every time by spending time with you figuring out what you want and what your hair can do! Go to her if you want to be satisfied every time!
Nancy F.
I have loved my hair every time Erica has done it. I have had balayage and many cuts and they have been great. She always styles my hair very nicely and I never feel like I have to go home and redo it before going out. Her shampoo/massage is the best!
Beverly J.
I have been going to Erica since she was in cosmetology school. I could tell she had a gift then! I love that she takes the time to show me how to style my hair at home. The massage she gives while washing your hair is amazing and extremely stress relieving!
Tracy S.
Seriously one of the absolute best at giving you the style and cut that you want! Very up front with the process and walks you through each and every step! Very kind and patient and will answer any questions you may have! Most definitely recommend Erica to any and everyone I know!!! =-)
Mandy J.
Always does great work! Such a bubbly and fun personality!
Lyndsay R.