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What do animals and Studio 64 @ loft #7 have in common besides hair everywhere?  Me!

Hi!  I’m Greg and I never thought majoring in animal science/pre veterinary medicine would end with me becoming a hair stylist.  Somehow it did and I am lucky and grateful to say that I get to do something that I never even knew I would love doing.   

I graduated from Pivot Point Academy in Feb 2011 and got my cosmetology license that March.  Originally intending to learn makeup, I had no intention of doing hair, had no interest in it, and was not a natural at it.  Being a perfectionist, this led to frustration until one day something just clicked.  And I realized that I actually enjoy what I am doing and people liked what I was able to do.  

One area that I truly understood from the beginning was color.   As a kid who didn’t take art classes?  So I understood the concept behind color theory.   And as a science major, I had to take a lot of chemistry classes.   I hated organic chem but I am thanking that professor, because I understand the chemistry behind color.   Bill Nye meets Picssso.  Or in this case...... just rolled into one ..... Greg!  

I work to achieve the best look for you.  You should walk out of my salon feeling and looking amazing!  I want people to stop you and tell you they love your hair.  I want you to play with your hair in the mirror constantly!  I want you to be the best you possible!  The only way to achieve that is to make sure you feel good about you.  

I work with you.  I encourage ideas and pictures.   TOGETHER (and I do emphasize together because it is a collaboration) you and I will determine what you want and how we can make what you want look the best it can!  I am not afraid to say no.   I will tell you if something won’t work and I’ll explain why and suggest other possibilities.  I encourage you to do the same if I suggest something you don’t like.  

I am not just a stylist, I am an educator.  I will teach you ways to work with your hair to make it more manageable and what to do to maintain the integrity and health of your hair.   You work with your hair 365 days of the year, so it’s important to me that you are able to make your hair look as good as it does when you leave the salon!  

If you read this far..... thank you!  I know you have a lot of choices as to who you see for your hair.  I thank you for trusting me with something ss important and personal as your hair.  Whether you have long or short, straight or curly, man or woman,  I will strive to give you the best you possible!   

Services I provide:

Haircuts, Hair color, highlights, balayage, blowouts, keratin treatments (certified), I tip and tape in hair extensions (Dream Catchers certified), therapy (not really, but its sort of true isn't it?)  

Covid safe (certified by Barbicide)


Tues 11-6   Wed 10-6  Thurs 12-8  Fri 10-5  Sat 8:30-4:30

Sun & Mon BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Call for these days

Fun facts:

Birthday:  June 27th - Cancer

Before you ask - no ..... they’re contacts 

Real into Reality TV - Love my housewives!  
The way to win my heart is with sweets!  Candy, cookies, cupcakes, donuts ..... I don’t care!  I have a mean sweet tooth!  


Studio 64 is conveniently located near the Evanston Movie Theater, World Market, and Public Transportation.  


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  • L'ANZA Healing Haircare
  • Dream Catchers Extensions
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Greg is a truly talented stylist, and I always enjoy my appointments! Greg consistently nails the perfect blonde color! He is creative and fantastic with highlighting and balayage. I highly recommend him! Melanie B.
Melanie B.
Greg has cut my hair many times. He is both talented and friendly. He always leaves me looking and feeling good. I’m happy to recommend him.
Erik B.
Hi my name is Laura and Greg has been cutting my hair since 2017 when I moved back here from St. Louis and I’ve been singing his praises ever since. I found out about him in my Rogers Park Neighborhood News group and I tell everyone who is looking for a stylist to see Greg. My first encounter with Greg was at my house. I was looking for someone who would come to my house to cut my hair since I injured my leg and wasn’t able to get around. I was so thankful to find him because he came to the house and was compassionate and efficient and cut my hair professionally with the style I wanted but with his expert advice a few changes to accommodate my fine hair and cowlicks. I loved it. We chatted and the time passed quickly and I can say that I honestly feel that he is more of a friend than just my stylist.
Laura M.
I recently met Greg when my stylist from another salon went on maturity leave. I live in Edgewater. I went to his salon, received a haircut and color. I also had some extensions placed in my hair. I had several hair appointments thus far and will be joining Greg in Evanston.Greg is 100 percent all in. He listens to the client and is full of ideas. He definitely makes you feel good look good. I always left with a smile on my face.
Celeste L.
Greg is the best! I’ve been going to him for years.... in Chicago and now in Evanston. I’ve always had a great experience with him.... with coloring, cuts and extensions. I’ve gone to the most exclusive places in Chicago and I think Greg does a better job than any of the stylists at the other places. He is creative and meticulous and makes the best suggestions! I highly recommend him!
Julie S.
One of my joys in life is having someone brush my hair. That’s when I found Greg. Greg has been styling my hair for a few years now. He is gentle and many times get me so relaxed I’d fall asleep. I wake up feeling rested and hair looking and feeling healthy and lovely. Thanks Greg.
Cynthia C.