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I am a new client to TaNeieshia and I don't plan on goin anywhere else! I reached out to her in pure panic- I had just done the "big chop" and was struggling with the shape of my cut and overall how to manage it. I literally was walking around with a puff on my head until she swooped. Customer service is important to me, and she went above and beyond. Not only was she SUPER responsive, she openend a new appointment to meet my needs given the panic she heard from me. She was knowledgeable about natural hair care, identified a product that would work great for my hair type, cut my hair to the GAWDS and helped teach me how to do it at home. Quality service all around, she's totally stuck with me now as a customer :)
Deahna T.
I can't recommend TaNeisha's work enough. As I've been growing my hair out for a year and a half, I've needed a little help with learning how to take care of my hair. TaNeisha has been amazing during this process. Her product suggestions have been excellent, and she goes above and beyond as a barber. I'm used to going to the shop, getting a cut and getting out of the chair. Getting my hair washed and conditioned as a part of the cut has made a huge different and her barbering skills are amazing. I feel like I'm being listened to when I make suggestions about my hair and TaNeisha's knowledge about hair care is always spot on. She's fantastic!
Edwin L.
At the suggestion of a trusted friend, I decided to give Healthy Strands a try. I have thick long afro-textured hair AND I was badly in need of a trim. TaNeisha was very accommodating and took great care of my hair. After the trim, my hair felt so thick and healthy! I'm happy to say that I have a new natural hair stylist in Columbus. I'm already looking forward to my next appointment :)
Alexis L.
TaNeisha is an amazing stylist. I love that she cares about the health of my hair and takes time to educate me about what is best for my hair. I recently got highlights and they are the best highlights I've ever had (been getting my hair colored for at least 20 years). She actually made me wait around a month to get them because I was experiencing some stress-related breakage. The fact that she wanted me to wait shows that she's invested in the health of my hair. I love her time management, she has SKILLS, she gives her clients what they ask for (unless it's a bad decision for your hair), and she is a sweetheart... What more could you ask for? I recommend her to my family and friends on a regular basis.
Brandi G.
I was recommended to TaNeisha through a few of my friends who were natural. I was taking a big plunge in cutting my hair extremely short while maintaining the natural texture on top. Needless to say, TaNeisha executed the style I wanted flawlessly. She mad sure that my cut was unique and stylish. I have received nothing but compliments since my appointment.
Tiffany S.
This lady right here is just amazing! I have been searching for a long time for the 'right' hairdresser who listens, take pride in their work and not try to overcharge and God sent me to you and I'm grateful!!!!! 100% Quality!!!
Mikael Ann B.
When I started coming to TaNeishia I had scalp issues and just couldn't seem to have the healthy hair that I always wanted. After TaNeishia worked to transition me away from relaxers and to my natural hair did I see a change in the health of my hair. Over time, the issues I had diminished and through her care of my hair it eliminated the issues all together. I've been natural for a few years now and I can say that my hair has never been longer or healthier than it is now. My hair is capable of doing things that I never thought it would do. TaNeishia's priority is for me to have healthy hair and under her care I finally have just that and I couldn't be happier.
Chenee M.
Ms. TaNeisha is absolutely a God-send. I have been wearing my natural hair for over 10 years and I never knew that my hair could be so healthy and look so fly! I readily travel from Pickerington to have her take care of my hair. She is an amazing stylist and I will continue to travel wherever she is because she is the B-O-M-B!
Cynthia T.
I highly recommend Ms. TaNeishia because she is truly an expert at her craft. Upon my first visit she analyzed and consulted with me about my hair. Through listening to me, she uncovered my needs and what my vision for my new hairstyle would look like and gave me the most amazing short haircut. I love my new short and sassy look and I've been talking about how amazing she is ever since. V'toria
Victoria H.
I've been seeing the talented Taneishia for 3 yrs now. I began my natural journey two years prior. When I first went natural I had the hardest time maintaining my hair and finding a stylist who could manage it. My hair continued to break and was just unhealthy overall. I started seeing Taneishia while pregnant and literally saw a dramatic difference from my first appointment. She kept my hair healthy pre and post baby! Taneishia knows hair and she knows natural hair. My hair has come such along way and it is as if I have a totally different texture. My hair transitions between curly and straight styles with ease. What's great about Tanieshia as a stylist is that she is creative and stays current on hair trends/styles but she also focuses on healthy hair. It's hard to find a stylist that does both. Above all though, Taneishia is a genuine, sweet person who truly cares for her clients. Her service and personality makes all the difference. She has been a God send for my hair and has become a great friend in the process.
Tiffany R.
Taneishia started doing my hair less than a year ago.I came to see her because I was looking to grow my hair out of a short hair cut and had been trying to do so for quite awhile.My hair is now growing and is healthy,shiny and gorgeous.Not to mention my dry and flaky scalp has cleared up. Taneishia transitioned my hair to a beautiful Keratin Fusion Treatment!! I had previously been chained to relaxers. Taneishia was patient with me while I decided if I was going to continue getting relaxer or choose other options ( I had half natural and half relaxed hair). I love my Keratin Fusion treatment and do not want to be without it,my hair is so!!! manageable,easy to care for and I love it.It is well worth the investment.
Michelle P.
TaNeisha was the BEST. This was my first visit with her - and she actually LISTENED. I'm natural but she flat ironed my hair and it looks and feels super healthy. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. :)
Mindy P.
I've been coming to Taneishia for about 3 months now and I absolutely love her. In those 3 months that I have been going to her she has been slowly but surely bringing some life back into my dull hair. I leave her chair feeling like a whole new person.
Falycia C.
Ms. TaNeisha has always been my go-to stylist from when my mom first took me to her in 5th grade. Five years later, and I have never left her salon unsatisfied or unhappy. She is kind, caring, and has amazing cosmetology skills to back up her great personality.
Camille R.
It has been officially 2 years since I have been coming to Taneisha Renee. Every week like clockwork I sit in Taneisha's chair. Each time I am pleased with the results. Every since she has taken my hair natural, it is not more healthy, thick and always turning heads. The color changes she has placed in my hair always receive compliments. Taneisha has a gift from God which allows her to change one women's life at a time.
Charmaine C.
I tell everyone that TaNeishia is my hair angel. My hair always looks and feels great after she finishes with it.
Jess O.
TaNeishia is an amazing stylist and barber! Reasonable prices and very efficient!
Alaina C.
I came to Taneisha with severely damaged hair and after a keratin treatment and three months my hair has grown three inches and the damage was pretty much non existent. She's made me a loyal customer after one visit
Tarayn S.
After going to Taneishia every 2 weeks, for ONLY 1 YEAR, she has been able to take my hair from being tapered in the back to now having shoulder length hair that is not only thicker, but healthier than ever before. She is the only person I will allow to touch my hair! Some days, I think she just may have the "miracle hands" my hair so desperately needed!!! I recommend her to any and everybody who doesn't mind having a good time while at the salon, but also looking fabulous after every visit!
Nikki B.
Since 2011 my hair has been fully transformed! I used to think I was capable of keeping my hair healthy on my own. Needless to say is I proved myself wrong. What started out as an every two weeks visit is now a once a week standing appointment. My hair is at its healthiest point in my adult life that it has ever been! Taneishia has been a blessing to my hair with her gifted hands. It's smooth and glowing texture has not only changed my look but certainly boosted my self-esteem. Doing my hair on my own feels like having a pointless affair. #married to my stylist til death do us part!
Jamarah R.
TaNeishia became my stylist at the beginning of this year. I was searching for someone who specialized in natural hair and she was exactly who I needed. My hair is healthy, my color is awesome, and we have a great time during appointments. TaNeishia always has wonderful suggestions for my hair and has taken the time to learn my hair and what I need to keep it healthy. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone seeking a talented and competent stylist.
Jocelyn A.
Taneishia does a wonderful job with my hair and my daughter's hair. She is very professional and really work with her clients to obtain the goals that they have for their hair. I love that she is all about healthy hair and suggests things that you can do at home to maintain your style and have healthy hair between appointments.
Danielle F.
I have seen such an amazing change in my hair since I've been getting my hair trimmed by Taneisha every 6 weeks. My hair is healthier and my ends aren't see through. I was always scared of losing length but my hair is honestly healthier, stronger and longer since I've made regular appointments. She knows her stuff!
Shari S.
I have been natural for almost four years. In the first three years I had to shave my head three times from damage from my stylist flat iron. When I found Tenisha a year ago I was very skeptical of heat and thought that I would not be able to enjoy the full versatility of natural hair. After several months I finally let her straighten my hair...and yay! It reverted right back! Since that time she has straightened my hair about every 10-12 weeks and each time it has looked absolutely fabulous straight and reverted back to my wash and go curls that I love so much.
Kimberly A.
TaNeisha is a talented stylist, very creative, very professional, and gives great customer service. She takes excellent care of my hair and uses the best products. As a result, my hair is very healthy. Thank you.. Cheryle C.
Cheryle C.
TaNeishia has been my stylist for many years. She provides EXCELLENT service. She makes sure that while in her chair, each client has her undivided attendtion & ensures that with each visit, the client feels pampered. I always look forward to my pampering sessions. It's my "ME time"...my regularly scheduled time to kick back, relax & be spoiled. My hair always looks amazing after my appointments. TaNeishia's main goal for her clients is that we leave satisfied & with HEALTHY hair. In maintaining healthy hair, she does her part & makes sure clients are equipped with the knowledge to do our part at home in between visits. She takes the time to answer questions about hair. Not only is TaNeishia my stylist, she is also my friend. I know her & I know that she values what she does. She allows her work to speak for itself & has many loyal clients to show for it. I highly recommend her to anyone who asks me for stylist suggestions.
Shawnta B.
I had been going to a different hair stylist, getting a relaxer, for about two years. Over those two years I started to notice my hair breaking off and it was getting shorter and shorter every time I went. My old stylist was even blaming me for why my hair was breaking off. I had an event I had to go to and had to make a last minute appoitment, but luckily my old hair stylist couldn't fit me in, so I made an appoitment with Taneishia. I've been with her ever since. Now my hair is even longer, stronger, and healthier than it ever was. It was such a blessing that my old stylist was booked that day and I was able to meet Taneishia. She is not only my stylist but a friend. She's the best.
Shannon J.
TaNeishia is truly 'gifted'. As a busy wife and mom, "Neish" as we lovingly call her manages to make you laugh while in her chair, sharing wisdom and wit all her own. She too transforms me everytime from ragged doll to a queen. She has kept my hair healthy and uses the best products and has educated me on how to best love my hair. More so she has a heart of gold, professional courtesy and customer service like no other. Melody B
Melody B.