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Dear new clients, due to the increase of demand on my schedule to cut and educate on how to properly treat curly hair, I will no longer be offering color services to new clients.  My hope is that this will allow me more time to get more curly heads in my chair and on their way to healthy beautiful curls.  I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but hope you can understand!  For my current color clients: DON'T PANIC! I will still offer my coloring services to those who currently get their hairs colored by me, i will just discontinue offering it to new clients only.  Current clients should continue to text me or email me to set up those color appointments.  Thank you all for understanding and again allowing me to better service my clientele base.


Dear Clients, I have now updated to a more strict cancellation policy.  I am becoming harder to get in to on last notice or "week of" appointments and I always have a few folks on my waiting list, so know that when you decide to cancel last minute or not show up to your scheduled appointment, that the spot could have been happily filled by someone who also is dying to get their hair done but can't make it without a longer notice!  I KNOW LIFE HAPPENS AND THAT EMERGENCIES COME UP!  If you need to cancel for any reason after the 24 hour window, please contact me and we will get you rescheduled as soon as possible.  I will be charging the person cancelling the appointment the full price of said appointment.  If it was a true emergency that kept you from coming in, I will apply that charge to your next appointment time.  If i do not hear from you, you will receive an email stating that I have charged your card the amount of the appointment.  I hope this will help me to better serve my clients!


NEW Service added! Check out the new Scalp treatment that I will be offering as either a stand alone service or an add on to any cut with a cleanse and style!

Hi there!  I've been a Cosmetologist for over 10 years and I believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair!  I love hair of all types and am all about educating my clients so that they can maintain their hair at home and in their daily lives!  I am the most passionate about my curly/natural texture clients and have gone through special training to cater to cutting curly hair the right way.  I also love BIG transformations, color changes or long hair to pixie length!


My Current Hours:

Friday 10-3

Saturday 12-5

Sunday 11-5

Wednesday 12-7



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  • Redken
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Heather is a very talented professional. She truly is a curl whisperer and will treat those curls with the respect they deserve! She is very friendly and listens carefully to your requests and then she delivers the "wow" factor. I highly recommend Heather, you will be impressed!
Grieg C.
I met Heather almost 8 years ago when I first moved to Ohio. Ever since I first met her, it's like she could read my mind of what I wanted my hair to look like. I let her work her magic & every haircut is even better than before! You always leave feeling like a million bucks! SHE IS A MASTER A COLORING!! No one else can color hair like Heather!! To top it off, her personality makes it more than pleasurable to spend a few hours with her while you're getting your hair colored & cut! I can't recommend Heather enough, she is THE BEST!!
Sarah J.
I found Heather via a Deva Cut web search. At 38 years old I had never gone to a stylist that specialized in curly hair. I could not have been more pleased and excited over my first visit! She is remarkable...she “gets” curly hair. She knows the science behind curls and has the experience, talent, and professionalism to cut, style, and educate her clients on how to manage their curls. For the first time ever I left a salon and didn’t have the need to go fix my hair! And her styling tips have allowed me to get the same great look at home!
Angela B.
Heather is the best!! She always give me great cuts that I can wear straight or curly/wavy because she understands all hair types. She also went out of her way to make sure I got a haircut before I moved, even staying late at work to do it. I'm actually going to still drive from 2 hours away to have her cut my hair because she's so great! ❤
Lisa F.
Heather is absolutely amazing! I have never had a stylist who really listened to my concerns about my curls and made sure that I was happy every step of the way. She is extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgable. I asked her for a product recommendation and she took the time to understand what it was I wanted and suggested the PERFECT product for me. I will absolutely be using her exclusively from now on.
Kristen C.
I love Heather as my stylist and I go to no one else! Through the years I have gone through different styles and colors and Heather always gives the best advice on what would suit me best. I have recently had a baby and my hair changed with my hormones. Through that change Heather helped me find what would help my hair look its best from different hair products and styles. She also cuts my two year old daughters hair and is very sweet and gentle with her. I give her 10 stars if I could! Recommend her 100%!! Book with Heather today you dont want to miss the gem!
Amie S.
Heather has been the only person to cut my hair for the past 5 years. I went from mid-back length to pixie and wanted something edgy, yet classy. My style has changed slightly over the years, but I'm ALWAYS getting compliments! Heather does a great job matching the perfect color with a fantastic product that still looks amazing over a month later. Plus she's a hoot to hang out with!
Sarah K.
Heather is amazing! I came in for something different and a little out of my comfort zone... she gave me great information along the way and I am in love with my fun, purple peek-a-boos!
Sandra P.
Received a GREAT haircut from Heather. First time in her shop and she did exactly what I was looking for. She took her time and we discussed the best cut for my curly hair. She even gave me some "tips" on coloring! Look forward to my next haircut with Heather!
Christine H.
I battled wavy curls for years. Heather brought my frizzy curls to life. She truly is the "curl whisperer". More importantly, she taught me how to care for my hair. Her approach is look at the science of hair and tailor it to each person. Not all stylists are experts in curls. The best...she answered every question (and there were a lot) and never made me feel rushed.
Leigh B.
Heather is not only an amazing stylist but she's an amazing person. She is all about making sure the client is happy and loves their new look. She has an extensive portfolio in all hair styles and looks. Choosing her as your go to hair guru will be the best hair decision you can make.
Paige T.
Heather did a wonderful job helping me find the right style when I went in for a dramatic change from long hair to a pixie cut. Now, in the process of growing out my hair, she has gone above and beyond to help me work toward the style I eventually want. She's very knowledgeable about hair and always very personable when I go in for a cut. She listens to what you want and works with you to make sure you get the best possible result.
Colleen W.
Heather is not only a great stylist, but a great person. Whether you have crazy curls, or need a transition from long to short, she will get you there. She will not only give you a great style, but will educate you on how to care for your hair (especially those with curly hair).
Shawnese A.
Heather has been my hairstylist for over 3 years now and never let me down. I trust her with my hair and she is the only person I have trusted with my son's hair. She makes it a wonderful calm experience for us and I always love how we look when she is done.
Lydia K.
Heather is absolutely amazing!!! She is kind, patient and very professional. I had not been to a professional stylist in years. She made suggestions and was very informative. She made me feel at home and very comfortable. I went home and felt incredible. She gave me instructions on how to care for my curly hair the proper way. My hair has never felt better. It is much healthier and looks fantastic! I would reccomend Heather to anyone! If you have curly hair problems Heather is your gal!!
Kelly M.