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J.Sorrell Hair also known as Barber Bear!

hi friends! my name's Jalil and I'm a high end hair artist focusing on men's grooming. I try to keep a really fun relaxing environment every time some one is in my chair! My goal is to find what fits YOU and shows off your personality and style. I'm known  for people coming to me when they want something different. I'm not scared to take risks when it comes to doing hair. I've been licensed the past 8 years and have learned all the rules of hair and have mastered how to break them and make art! I like to think of my haircuts as all-purpose looks, something you can walk in the office with then head straight to your favorite concert afterwards! Have a seat in my chair and we will surely build a dope relationship!

be sure to check out my hashtags on all social media sites #JSorrellHair #BarberBear

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Jalil is single-handedly responsible for my last 3 girlfriends (and exes). God bless this man.
Shane C.
A friend of mine was getting married so I booked Jalil to clean me up. Now, I should mention that one of the gifts was lube... After seeing Jalil's work nobody needed any; there wasn't a dry pew in the church.
Maxwell K.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Don't book with Jalil unless you're prepared to ooze with 100% grade A cougar juice. After the last time I got Jalil'd, I spent the rest of the evening fending off gaggles of elderly divorcees pressuring me to partake in passionate intercourse.
Seamus K.