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Jen Warden is a certified paramedical esthetician and owner of JenSpa Advanced Esthetics.  She has over 25 years experience in the skin and beauty industry. Jen specializes in medical skincare treatments, Micro-needling, permanent cosmetics, microblading, Micro-needling and anti-aging procedures. She has also received top awards in medical esthetics, permanent cosmetics and top in sales with Image Skincare. Jen also achieved and maintained a Five star rating from her clients because she provides beneficial treatments using the highest quality products and equipment designed to cater to each client specific needs for total skin rejuvenation. 

Ask us about beautiful hair stroked or feather stroked eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color done with permanent make up and microblading.

Also check out our amazing packages for micro-needling. 



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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
I've wanted to get permanent makeup (specifically my brows) for about 10 years and have been terrified to do it. After seeing Jen's before and after pics online I decided to book an appointment, and I'm SO glad I did! My brows look AMAZING and so natural! I can't thank you enough! Anyone who's on the fence about any services that Jen provides, don't be! she's awesome!
Alisa H.
Jen is amazing at what she does! Not only does she have a vast knowledge regarding skin and the beauty industry, but she also cares about each and every client. You will see great results and obtain information that will help you maintain them.
Stephanie C.
I love my new permanent eyebrows!!! I am a natural blonde and my eyebrows were so light that you really couldn't see them without makeup. Jen's opinions, suggestions, and before and after photos of eyebrows she had created really made me comfortable with the shape, size and color we selected. Her office is impeccably clean and sterile. The process took about an hour and Jen used a numbing cream to numb the eyebrow area and it was not painful, just a little stingy- but OMG so worth it! If you want natural looking eyebrows and you want a trained professional with a passion for making you look your best - then make an appointment with Jen. She is always up beat, on time and professional. Thanks Jen! JB
Juli B.
Jen Gave me the BEST eyebrows ever! I get more compliments about how I looked re-fresh and my eyes are brighter, what did I do??? ( my secret) but would refer anyone to JenSpa. Mary
Mary C.
Jen is a one of a kind, fantastic skin care professional. My brows and eyeliner is beautiful. There's now brows where there were none before. Amazing and natural, I would recommend Jen for permanent makeup and skin care. Going back for touch up and a facial in a few weeks!! Thanks Jen!
Lois R.
Jen, thank you for making my first tatoo a good experience. I have trust in your experience and you are thorough in everything you do.
Marianne F.
Jen did an AMAZING job on my permanent make-up. She did my eyebrows and you cant even tell! thanks Jen!
Jessica S.
Jen makes my skin look great. She is always fun and professional and she is very knowledgeable about ways to improve and maintain a clear complexion. If you want your skin to look great - go see Jen! Juli
Juli B.
Jen, thank you for the beautiful job you did on my eyebrows! I am very particular and can be considered " hard to please" @ times but you exceeded my expectations.... You are a true artist. ....Highest recommendation. ..... Jennifer D.
Jenn D.
I've been going to Jen for over a year now and I can tell my skin is so much better than it was prior to going to her. I've been getting Microderms and facials regularly and more recently got a Jessners Peel. I love the services I've received and can't say enough about Jen's skills and professionalism. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!
April S.
"Thank you Google for leading me to Jen! Very Impressed. She did an AMAZING job on my permanent make-up. No more sad, patchy looking eyebrows for me - Thanks, Jen" -Marissa M.
Marissa M.
I called many permanent makeup artists about getting my eyebrows done and they all started with the same question, " What questions do you have?" The reason I chose Jen is because she took the time to explain the procedure, her instruments, and frankly everything that was to be expected. THEN she asked me what questions I had, which weren't many considering she had covered all of the bases. I just got my eyebrows done by Jen, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Hello eyebrows, goodbye eyebrow pencils! - Rachel F.
Rachel F.
Professional! Jen did a peel and a microdermabrasion on me and wow I am so amazed at how my age spots have lightened, she also educated me on prevention techniques while under her treatment. I love the Image skincare lines she has in her spa as well everyone keeps telling me what a beautiful glow I have, thanks Jen!
Melanie M.
Jen did a fantastic job with my sparse eyebrows. I've had several compliments from people stating that "something" was different but they weren't sure exactly what. They look so natural. I would and have definitely recommend her!! Karen H.
Karen H.
Jen is the best!! Hands down! Shes made me have eyebrows!!!! I alwasy pencil in my non eyebrows and now i have the best eyebrows she did permanent makeup on me. I love the job she did she made me have hairstrokes not a line on my eyebrows they look so natural!
Michelle Marie D.
I debated for years about getting my eyebrows tatooed. I had no idea of where to start. I found Jen by accident because I needed to buy products that she carries. The moment she saw me she said she wanted to do my eyebrows, After talking with her and going to her salon I had great faith in her skills. Jen is very professional and has been doing this for a long time. She made me feel so comfortable that I wasn't even nervous. It was one of the best decisions I've made. I love my eyebrows. Thank you Jen!!!!!!!!! Mary Lou G.
Mary Lou G.
I had a peel with Jen and I just love my skin. It is so soft and a lot of my lines have smoothed out and are harder to see. Love her place. Always smells so good and it is so relaxing you just want to fall asleep. Love Jen Spa you will too.
Paula W.
Jen is amazing! Jen does my microdermabrasion and permanent make up and just resently I was a model for one of her classes that she teaches and I was truly more impressed then ever. Spa and salon owners from all over the U.S send there employees to train under Jen.. Need I say more!! She is it!
Kerri W.
Thanks Jenn for such an amazing transformation...I love the new technique you used on my brows...And as always .. you provide the ultimate professionalism with every service you offer// Liz
Liz M.
Jen was the most professional Permanent Makeup Artist I've used. Her technique is state-of-the-art; she is very confident, gentle, and trust-worthy. Her work is outstanding! I had eyebrows defined and top and bottom eyeliner accents added. I am so happy with her work. It was just what I wanted. Bottom line, I recommend her over anyone else for permanent makeup! TK
T K.
I have lost most of my lower lashes, so always looked washed out. I was terrified to even think of permanent eyeliner, but I am now so glad I overcame my fear. Jen was thorough and patient and made sure I was okay all the way through. I have even been back for a touch up. Looks great Jen, many thanks.
Gail M.
I am a return client of Jen's because of her honesty, professionalism, knowledge and advice so that we get the most for our hard earned dollar! Thanks! katie
Katie L.
Thank you Jen!!!! You did amazing work on my eyebrows. The hair strokes you added make my eyebrows look so real. You are a real artist! I love them!!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking to get permanent make-up. ~Sue Pacelli
Susan P.
"Before I went to Jen, my previously tattooed eyebrows had faded to a scary orange color and I was not pleased with the shape. Jen did an absolute wonderful job covering up that dreadful orange color and gave my eyebrows a much more pleasant shape than they had before. I love the hair strokes and how it makes my eyebrows look so natural!! Thanks Jen! You've gained a new client in me!" Teah L
Teah L.
Jen is the most professional, caring and detail oriented estitichan there is! She did a WONDERFUL job on my eyebrows, and I couldn't be happier. She helped give me the gift of natural beauty and confidence. Thank you! -Stephanie M.
Stephanie M.
I have been a client at JenSpa for over 3 years now and thanks to Jen I look younger now than the first time I saw her! She helps me choose the services that best suit my skin type and I use all of her Image products for my daily skincare. I have and will continue to refer new clients to her....everyone I refer is always thrilled with her skills, knowledge and professionalism. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing (I love the heated table!) and everything is always super clean. Jen is the best!
Kim W.
I was looking for a place to go to for permanent eyebrows and so glad that the salon I went to no longer offered permanent makeup because after my experience with Jenspa, I realized how unclean the other places were. I highly recommend Jenspa to anyone considering getting any kind of work done. Jenspa is very clean and sterile. It is one of the most important thing to look for in a place that works with needles or where your beauty and skincare are involved.
Phouangmaly Janet L.
Jen did a fantastic job on my eyebrows. I have light hair and she tattooed perfect brows. I take coumadin and plavix and I was afraid of bleeding, worry about nothing. Jen's talent didn't cause bleeding and I'm shocked. I would and will return to her when needed without any worry about her abilities. Sandi G.
Sandi G.
I can't say enough about Jen! I have had numerous services including permanent eyebrows and they are amazing. Her facials, micro-dermabrasion, skin care and products are the best. My husband has even been to her and he really enjoyed it! He is in construction and having a bit of pampering and cleaning up his skin was wonderful. Diana M.
Diana M.
My name is Chance, I took Jens permanent makeup class a couple months ago. It was life changing. I am a cosmetologist and a nail technician and I wanted something a little more to offer my current and future clients. Her class was wonderful. She has a rare ability to make learning fun. After conpleting her class, she gave me the confidenceto open my own full service salon and spa. She gave me a running jump in my career and my life. I am now my own boss and I could not be happier. If you are considering taking the class don't hesitate. You never know what small decision could change your life forever. Thank you Jen.
Chance K.
Jen you are truly an angel from heaven. I have tried everything for my acne., but nothing ever seem to work? Now since I'm older. I have developed adult acne which is 10x worse. I just gave up and excepted it. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back. I never thought in a million years I could look this good. I hope our relationship will last forever. Sincerely, Danielle
Danielle V.
Jen did a wonderful job on my brows and eyeliner! She takes the time to answer all your questions prior to the procedure. No pain or swelling after. If you are looking for someone to do permanent makeup, I highly recommend Jen! -Debbie
Debbie D.
Jen is amazing ! She is so welcoming & sweet !! I got my eyebrows re-done by her & she fixed them so good that you can't even tell my eyebrows were crappy before !! Love her work , if you need skin care go to her !! Highly recommended & is very professional
Alex O.
I had a great experience with Jen. I was very nervous getting permanent eyeliner. But she made me feel very calm, and relaxed. I had no swelling or bleeding. I had a date that night, and my boyfriend said, "Wow babe, your eyes look great and natural!" and it was surprising because we all know how guys are! Thanks Jen, love you! EVIE
Evie C.
I am so happy I found Jen Spa!!!! My skin looks and feels amazing. I also decided to get permanent eyebrows. I have wanted to do this for so long but was always scared. I wanted a natural looking eyebrow not the stenciled on look that I have seen so many times. Jen was very informative and helpful answering all my questions. I am so happy with the outcome of my brows!!!! Jen is amazing and so good at what she does. Thank you Jen!!!!
Kim P.
I'm a retired physician and extremely picky about my facial treatments and procedures. I chose Jen because of her educational background, high level of expertise, professionalism, and her up to date knowledge on treatments. I recently saw her for eyeliner permanent makeup and she did an outstanding job. I even have another appointment with her to do my eyebrows. I have great confidence in her. Don't hesitate. Book your appointment! -Susan W.
Susan W.
I have experienced professional skin care and perm make-up over the last 15+ years, but then I found Jen, and knew she was different. I was very impressed with her knowledge and ability to assess and prescribe an effective skin care solution based on your individual needs (one size does NOT fit all) and now I have been going to Jen for over 2 years. Honestly, my skin has never been better, love the Image products too! Best of all she just did perm make-up to my brows, and they look terrific....the shape, color, etc....Perfection! J. Finlay
Janet F.
Amazing!!!! I have been using the Image Skin Care product that I received from JenSpa for the past 2 months and my complexion is the best it has ever been. This is the best product to use, hands down. Thanks Jen for making these product available!!!! -Twila E
Twila E.
Fast, friendly, and brilliant! These words summed up my experience during my visit. Making the decision to have my eyebrows done was the hardest part of this process! BIG THANKS Jen, Keywanna S.
Keywanna S.
AMAZING! I took the plunge and did permanent eyebrows and eye liner. I thought it was going to be awkward the first week. By the 3rd day it was like i'd had it a lifetime. Their was no swelling, bleeding or anything crazy. My friend who didn't want me to do it had forgotten I was getting permanent make up and that afternoon when I met her for our walk, she asked me..."Did you do something different with your make up" I smiled and laughed and said "Yep, it's permanent" She thought it looked great and she's been in the tv industry so she knows what's looks good! Thank you Jen!! I love my much improved look!!
Deanne K.
I recently had my lower eyelids redo by Jen and it was the least painful when compared to prior experience. If you are interested in having permanent make up, but hesitant due to the pain...have no fear, Jen is quick and virtually pain free. Janice
Janice W.
Jen recently did my eyebrows and they look great and natural. She was very knowledgeable and helpful explaining the whole process. I would highly recommend Jen. She's the best. Grace B
Grace B.
I couldn't be happier that I stopped settling with my “old” skin and found the combination of Jen's magic and the Image Skincare line! I've had microdermabrasions at JenSpa and just recently had a Jessner Peel...I can't say enough about how awesome my face looks and how special Jen makes me feel! She is so professional, caring and informative...and boy does she deliver results! Let Jen show you how amazing you can look; if you're like me, you've already waited too long! Now I literally can't help but look in every mirror or reflective surface I see because I love my skin so much :) I never ever thought that would be the case. Thank you, Jen!
Jordan C.
Training with Jenspa has been an amazing experience for me! The Instructor Jen was highly accredited and knowledgeable of all-things permanent makeup. She went over everything from Insurance, setting up a station,which pigments are best, to application techniques and valuable tricks of the trade. I was given one on one training from someone who has worked in the Industry for over a decade. She made sure I was %100 comfortable with the material and even provided models to learn from, and taught me the ins and outs of the industry. I am so glad i chose JenSpa to learn how to do permanent makeup the right way! Thank you so much!
Jenee M.
Jen made my eyebrows look so natural. I am so excited to NEVER have to fill them in again!
MaryBeth C.
Jen did an amazing job on my permanent eyeliner! Not only was she was able to correct what someone else had done in the past, but made it look extremely natural. As soon as I arrived she was able to put me at ease with her friendly personality, taking time to consult & make recommendations customized for me. Her attention to detail and focus on cleanliness was impressive. I came away feeling more confident in my appearance – she definitely has another fan who would recommend her to anyone I know.
Paulette B.
From the minute I came in for my appt til I left, Jenn made me feel so comfortable with the procedure I was having...she explained in detail the pre and post care and treatment...results were stunning...she truly is a top professional in her service area and a personality to match...Amazing work Liz
Liz M.