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Dear, Stellar girl

Welcome to the 24krts The Galaxy Of Beauty. Here is where dreams are true, and destiny unfolds. If you do not know who you are as a Stellar Girl, I'll tell you. Look Into yourself. you are a star, everyone can see you afar off in the night sky. When you are at your truest form you appear out of bright luminous matter,  i am Nebula. I am the bright luminous matter that form's stars just like you. I've created many tools for your enjoyment such as; The KRTS Collection (Wigs), 24 x Lashes, Supernova Gloss, Galactic baddie Apparel, and Star creator manuals that spark your creativity. 

Even with all of theses things available to you, you will always need a reminder of how unique your are star, but not to worry I've created reminder's for all of my star's in the form of a "Pamper Me" Session. 

Salon 24KRTS

*** Now Open ***

Salon 24krts is the heart of our world and Home of the " Pampered". Our galaxy was formed to refine the image of a particular species . . . Mankind. We curate  self-esteem, self-love, and self-care by creating an outlet just for you. picture a realm that allows you to tap into yourself and create a better you .

come let us clean you up, We'll take care of your Hair, Makeup, & Nails. when we're finished you'll see the woman shining in the night sky is you. after all a star deserves the best of the best.

Schedule your All-in-One Appointment !  by booking a " Pamper Me ' Session. How amazing is it to have a personalized " Dream Team " that helps you become your greater self.  

Refine Your Image

star  #ThestellarGirl.


Love, Nebula

CEO of 24krts

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Located at 955 Memorial Dr SE,30316 

inside of Salon Lofts 522




  • My Brand Lashes
  • Virgin Brazilian Hair
  • Browz and Beauty
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